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  • ComboFix Kills Saleslogix Sync

    ComboFix, a third party malware utility, will alter the Operating system so .qts and .que files will no longer process and complete the sync cycle. To check for ComboFix look for the following dir "C:\QooBox". Once it is determined ComboFix was run on this workstation here are the steps you...
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  • SalesLogix 7.5.2 Speed Issues - How To Find the Slowdown

    At times I have been asked how can I increase the performance of SalesLogix. For systems using SQL2005 or SQL2008 the slowdown may be corrected by adding an index to the table that the SalesLogix script queries. The trick is finding where the bottleneck resides. My suggestion is to use the SLXProfiler...
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  • Troubleshooting the SalesLogix Disconnected Web Client

    Last week I blogged on the deployment of the Disconnected Web Client. Today's post discusses the issues that could arise on the Installation of the Disconnected Web Client. If you have deployed in Application Architect and ran the sync server then the remote users should be able to run sync, apply...
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  • Attachments Missing After Creating A New SalesLogix Remote User Database

    This problem is usually due to not setting the Send Attachments option when creating a new database. Here are your options. You can recut the Database and select the Send Attachments or you can copy the Attachments folder from the Central site to the remote user. There is no way to request re-synchronization...
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  • System Dates

    One of my customers had an issue this week with setting the date on their system. They were trying to run a contact process and back date the note that was going to be entered on the Contact Record. Because of their Licensing Level, they are unable to actually change the Contact process itself. So, they...
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  • Web Viewers-Inserting a note

    This week I have discovered that the Web Viewer licensed used in version 7.51 is unable to enter notes on a record. This is functionality that a Web Viewer should be able to use, according to the license definition. Sage Software has put out a Hotfix, Hotfix #32 that fixes this. Or, if you have upgraded...
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