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  • Retiring Users Who Own SalesLogix Records

    It comes up quite frequently that there are records owned by a user so you cannot retire that user. If you have reassigned all activity records and realigned all account and contact records with the territory realignment tool then there may be private records owned by this user, delete or change those...
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  • Changing the SalesLogix 7.5 Intellisync Group

    In SalesLogix 7.5 you only get one chance to select your adhoc contact group for Intellisync, usually that group is SyncSalesLogix. What if you selected the incorrect group or you decide to change the default sync group? Well you should delete the bad group from within SalesLogix, but the useroptions...
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  • The Current Activities - Sample Report in SalesLogix v7.5

    There was an issue reported by a customer when running the Current Activities - Sample report on the network client, namely, he could not select a start or end date using the date picker. The system immediately returned an error. "Script error (System:Global Reports) Error in (SYSTEM:SLX REPORT...
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  • The Email Address is Inactive on the SalesLogix 7.5 Web Client

    I wrote a blog post two weeks ago that described a problem with the Email Ticket Information button when contacts were imported into SalesLogix 7.5. That issue was found in the LAN client. Here is a similar issue we found in the Web Client. If the contacts are imported and the DoNotEmail, DoNotSolicit...
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