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  • Saleslogix Mobile Developer Toolkit

    Saleslogix Mobile Development, Made Easy. The Saleslogix Mobile Developer Toolkit provides tools to simplify Saleslogix Mobile development and customization. This tool makes it easy to get started with Saleslogix Mobile customization by automating steps such as creating a new development environment...
    Posted to Power2Software (Weblog) by on
  • SalesLogix Mobile Developer Series

    This page outlines the topics in the SalesLogix Mobile Developer Series. Use the links below to see each post. As new posts are added to the series they will also be added to this index. Introducing the SalesLogix Mobile Developer Toolkit This post introduces and free tool to make working with SalesLogix...
    Posted to Ryan Farley's Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Want to see something cool? The SalesLogix Mobile client embedded in Outlook!

    Imagine this. The full, awesome power of the SalesLogix Mobile client, embedded in Outlook that shows the matching contact from the context of the currently selected e-mail in Outlook. Pretty awesome thought, right? Well, it's an idea that I have in the works, and not all that far off. Take a look...
    Posted to Ryan Farley's Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Using Offline Storage in FireFox 3.5 Will Affect SalesLogix 7.5.x Mobile Client

    We were comparing our SalesLogix Mobile Clients yesterday and one of our users could not see the Opportunities and History in his mobile client. I was running my client in IE8 and he was using Firefox 3.5. Without custom scripting there isn't anyway to hide the Opportunities or History in the mobile...
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  • New - SalesLogix on Blackberry Vid [Video] #saleslogix

    Just released today. Nice overview of the interface. Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWOJrAwFxGY Watch the video below:
  • SLX Mobile Client Sync Issues

    We recently found a SalesLogix Mobile Client that would not complete the full data synchronization. In the Mobile Administrator we found this line under the critical errors: 'Error in SynchronizaitonJob - job has been canceled - invalid column name - 'OPPCOMPETITORID'. When we looked in the...
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  • SalesLogix Mobile v5.5 Demo

    Download today! The Sage SalesLogix v5.5 Mobile Demo is now available for download. The demo includes support for the BlackBerry Storm as well as the new location mapping features. Download the SalesLogix Mobile Demo to your BlackBerry Username: slx62 Password: what$new -Brianna
  • Secure Sockets Layer for SalesLogix Mobile

    We were recently asked if SalesLogix Mobile could run under SSL and the easy answer is yes. Simply check on the use SSL in the SalesLogix Mobile Platform Setup and select the correct port. SSL provides an added layer of protection for data transmitted through http by encrypting the data. The server certificate...
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  • SalesLogix Mobile user packs available at a discounted rate

    SalesLogix slipped in another promotion this week on the SalesLogix Mobile software for Blackberry and Pocket PC's. It includes an upgrade to the Enterprise level mobile server so you can perform your own customizations and a hefty price discount to boot. Offers expire June 30th 2009 Here are the...
  • SalesLogix Mobile v5.5 Screenshots

    New release is weeks away! Yesterday I attended a Sage Business Partner call. The purpose of the call was to give Business Partners an overview of the new features in SalesLogix Mobile v5.5. The new release is on schedule for the middle of May, expect availability soon! Below are a few screenshots of...
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