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  • Using an Array - SQL vs Crystal.

    In data, an Array is used to store multiple values in a single variable. I often use Arrays to qualify records for the query I am working on in either SQL or Crystal. The problem is the Arrays are formatted differently in each environment and if you are like me, it can be difficult remembering the exact...
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  • Using Crystal Reports "Next" and "Previous" Functions

    Today I am going to write about the "Next" and "Previous" Functions available with Crystal Reports. As their names describe the intent of these functions is to provide you a value of your selected field for either the Next or the Previous record as shown in your report. For example...
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  • Using Multiple Value Parameters to Select Records for your Crystal Reports

    I have often been asked to provide the ability to allow users a multi select parameter, such as User Name, and then have that parameter limit the data in their Crystal report. I have to admit this one has always been one of the items I always have struggled through, coming up with one alternative or...
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  • Working with the DatePart Function in Crystal

    This function is very popular one that allows you to organize your data based on Dates. The basic syntax for the function looks like this: DATEPART( Interval Type, InputDateTime) A more realistic example: DatePart ("m",{ACTIVITY.STARTDATE}) This will return the month of each Activity is scheduled...
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  • Working with Crystals DateDiff Function

    I have been spending some time writing about the Functions that come with Business Objects Crystal Report. Today I thought I would start some posts on the Date and Time Functions. These functions are mostly used for helping the user dissect any DateTime fields in your database. The first one I will work...
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  • Conversion Functions in Crystal

    In all forms of development there are times when you need to convert data types for use in formulas. In Business Objects Crystal Reports, I often use data with labels control to display totals in my report footers. To do this in my SalesLogix Reports, I often have to convert the total from a double to...
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  • Crystals Length Function

    I have seen the Length function that comes with Business Objects Crystal Reports used a lot in the standard Sage SalesLogix reports. Mostly you see this function used in the formula fields created for displaying phone numbers in true false statements. The first rule for this function is it works only...
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  • Working with Null or Empty Characters in Crystal

    This is the start of a series of post working with the many functions used in the Formula Workshop of Business Objects Crystal Reports. These functions are often used while reporting out of Sage SalesLogix database. Today I thought I would start out with a Null values. What is a "Null" character...
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  • The Unknown SalesLogix Calendar Report

    I am going through and reviewing to make sure we have covered all of the standard Crystal Reports that come with Sage SalesLogix. I think I am almost done but I want to make sure I have covered them all. If I find any that are not covered I will make sure to write. Today we will discuss a standard SalesLogix...
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  • Updating the SalesLogix Work Order Crystal Report

    I reviewed the SalesLogix Work Order Crystal report on the 19th of February 2009. This report turned out to have a number of issues. Here is what I wrote about this report in my original review. Start Excerpt.............. Looking at this report you see that it is out of date with the way SalesLogix...
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