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  • Is SalesLogix Today Catching a Trend?

    Back in January Oracle announced a new model for it CRM SaaS offering giving customers an option to have a dedicated server rather than sharing a physical server with many other customers as Salesforce.com requires. Some benefits SalesLogix Today shares with the Oracle offering (from the Business Insider...
  • SalesLogix Today Finally Launched

    We've been waiting awhile for the official announcement from Sage on SalesLogix Today. Think they wanted to wait until their recent Business Partner Broadcast, which makes sense. For a refresher see the benefits of the SalesLogix Today offering. Complete info on SalesLogix Today is here.
  • SalesLogix Today Benefits

    This post on SalesLogix Today will focus on benefits to you and your business, according to Sage Software. This information is compiled from multiple sources: Get more information on Sage SalesLogix Today here Full CRM Implementation Services and Business Assurance Guided CRM Implementation by a CRM...
  • SalesLogix Today Product Info

    We've put up a page with detailed information on Sage SalesLogix Today here . For reference here's a list that will track all posts on the topic of SalesLogix Today .
  • SalesLogix 7.5 Resource Page Update

    We've added a link to a PDF download regarding the new SalesLogix Today offering from Sage. Visit the SalesLogix 7.5 Resource Page
  • SalesLogix Today Business Partner Launch

    On March 12, 2009 Customer FX will be attending the official Business Partner Launch for SalesLogix Today, a new offering from Sage. Topics will include: Overview of Sage SalesLogix Today Package Sage SalesLogix Today Customer Experience Options and Requirements for becoming an Authorized Reseller Upcoming...
  • SalesLogix Today

    Sage Software will be launching a new product in the coming weeks - SalesLogix Today. SalesLogix Today (we think that will be the name) is a packaged offering designed to make it both easy and affordable to buy and implement SalesLogix. Sage is holding the details close to their vest, but this is what...
  • SalesLogix Today - Delivering CRM Pizza Style

    Yes it's true, SalesLogix can now be delivered to your door just like a pizza! Ok, not really but it's getting close. SalesLogix has announced that a new pre-configured system with the SalesLogix software already installed, configured for you and tested on a blade style server is being marketed...
  • SalesLogix Resources - Updated 03/09/2009

    Updated 01/26/2009 *New - SalesLogix Today PDF Download http://www.sagecrmsolutions.com/assets/collateral/SageSalesLogixToday_Datasheet.pdf *New - SalesLogix Today Product Page Sage SalesLogix Today Product Info Here... SalesLogix 7.5 Interactive Benefits Tour http://download.saleslogix.com/tours/slx75...
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