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  • Using the Copy Profile Option in SalesLogix 7.5 Admin

    The Copy Profile function in SalesLogix Admin provides a quick way to set selected users up with either an existing profile template or by copying the profile of an existing user. The administrator has the ability to copy up to ten separate sub profiles to any or all SalesLogix users. This is a great...
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  • Function Security In SalesLogix

    We recently came across a client that could not open Attachments in the 7.5 lan client. Initially we thought there was a problem with the Account form but after further digging discovered the security for this user was changed to prevent them from Opening, Deleting, Editing or Updating Attachments. So...
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  • Shrinking the SalesLogix Log File in SQL2005

    When the SQL Recovery model is set to “Full” this setting keeps older log records in the file for the most detailed recovery. This setting can create extremely large log files which may not be needed. Try the procedure below via SQL Server Management Studio to fully shrink the log file: 1. Right click...
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  • SalesLogix Upgrades

    This week I have had many conversations with clients regarding SalesLogix upgrades . Although everyone wants the new features and improvements of new software versions, they are often very reluctant to go through the upgrade process. I think it is important to understand that once software is purchased...
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  • SalesLogix 7.5 and IE8 Compatibility - Good News!

    The shipping version on IE8 has a compatibility view button allowing users to view the page in the Internet Explorer 7 rendering engine. This eliminates duplicated menu items or overlapping fields in the SLXClient. And if you open tools compatibility view settings you can toggle to view all web sites...
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  • Using the EntityFactory to retrieve entity objects in SalesLogix 7.5

    As Ryan briefly mentioned in this post , the EntityFactory allows you to retrieve entity objects from within the SalesLogix entity model.    The EntityFactory allows you to retrieve an existing entity collection or to create a new record within a collection, which you can then manipulate...
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  • SalesLogix 7.5.1 Web Reporting Tech Tip

    Web reporting was configured, deployed, and working on a 7.5.1 SalesLogix web server but after installing a customization bundle the Web Reports icon returned the following error: "Web Reporting has not been configured. Please contact your SalesLogix Administrator." After some troubleshooting...
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  • SalesLogix 7.5 Web Client Browser Compatibility

    For those of us who want the latest and greatest web browser be aware that SalesLogix 7.5 is not authorized for IE8. Internet Explorer 8 will be authorized at some point in the future but for now version 7.5 is only authorized for IE7 and IE6 and for Mozilla Firefox (except for the active mail feature...
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  • SalesLogix Data Dictionary

    Companies often make customizations to their SalesLogix System, however they do not often track the reasoning behing these changes or the data elements that are necessary for customizations to work properly. I always recommend that the SalesLogix Administrator create a data dictionary that can be placed...
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  • SalesLogix 7.5.1 Web Picklists- Required matching bug

    I was recently helping a client setting up picklist attributes in the SalesLogix 7.5 web client using techniques I described in this post . After we were done making the necessary modifications she went on to test out her changes in the web client. She reported back an issue that I have since replicated...
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