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  • Using a SQL Trigger to Remedy SalesLogix 7.5.1 Defect 1-68130

    In SalesLogix 7.5.1 Web client on a SQL2005 database there is a known defect where null values in the activity table prevent users from seeing activities in the Activities View. We have used scripts to correct the issue but those scripts must be run every time the issue reappears. Here is a trigger that...
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  • SalesLogix Web Picklist Control Bug - Picklist Entries containing a comma

    In the SalesLogix web client (7.5 and 7.5.1) if you have a picklist control that uses a picklist with entries containing commas, the picklist value before the comma is shown, the rest is not visible.  Sage has just released a hot fix for this issue along with several other items.  This is hot...
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  • The SalesLogix Web SLXLookup Control Part 2 - Additional Filtering

    In my last post I talked about how the lookup control can have multiple conditions added to filter the lookup results. This is done using Prefilters. However, these conditions are appended together with AND logic. Today I want to talk about a method for building OR logic so that a lookup can, for instance...
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  • Custom Calculated Entity Properties

    The SalesLogix entity model offers the ability to create a custom property underneath an entity.  This can be useful for automatically rolling up things like the Opportunity Sales Potential or calculating fields such as the Opportunity Weighted Average.  To add an custom entity property, expand...
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  • Viewing SalesLogix Attachments

    There are times when the Attachments on the SalesLogix Lan and Web clients start to open slowly and the Attachments grid under the Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, and Tickets take an eternity to open. Today we will explore methods to decrease that lag and keep your Documents folder under control....
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  • The SalesLogix Web SLXLookup Control

    The following is a brief overview of the SalesLogix Lookup control and how to use it in the SalesLogix web client. Determining the Lookup type The SalesLogix SLXLookup web control is built upon the standard ASP.Net Lookup control. It offers the ability to bind the lookup to a SalesLogix entity to look...
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  • DW20.exe process causing slow SalesLogix web deployment and testing

    I recently experienced a problem on a test development environment where the SalesLogix web site I was working on was experiencing slower than normal performance.  I noticed this especially after frequently re-deploying the site to troubleshoot some problems.  Now in this case I had been doing...
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  • Customer Portal Default Ticket Display in SalesLogix 7.5.x

    Here is a tip for SalesLogix web Admins. If your customers do not see their tickets in the Customer Portal you will need to change the default content page in Internet Information Services. Open IIS and select the Customer Portal Application from the SalesLogix Web Site. RMB and select Properties then...
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  • How SmartPart definitions on a SalesLogix web page are rendered

    In the SalesLogix Application Architect, each main page has a definition of the various components found on the page. These are things such as smart parts (tabs, detail views) and modules. If you look at something like the Account page (found in the SalesLogix Application Architect under the VFS...Portal...
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  • Groups Not Loading in SalesLogix 7.5 Web

    I recently saw an issue where groups would not load in SalesLogix 7.5.1 web. Not a single group would load. You'd see the spinning circle as if it were attempting to load the group. However, that would disappear and then...nothing. No group data would appear. Not just the data, but not even the group...
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