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  • Debugging Custom Assemblies Using Visual Studio

    Developing for Saleslogix web using external assemblies provides you with a lot of freedom when developing code for Saleslogix web. External assemblies can be helpful when organizing projects, reusing code and working with references to other assemblies. You also have the ability to step through your...
    Posted to Jason Buss' Blog (Weblog) by on
  • SalesLogix v8.0 error on IE 10 "Input String was not in a correct format"

    We recently had a client come to us with a problem running the Saleslogix 8.0 web client in IE. They would attempt to save data (causing a postback) and would get an error similar to: "message": "Input string was not in a correct format.", "source": "System.Number,...
    Posted to Kris Halsrud's Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Resolving 500 Errors in SalesLogix Web 8.1

    If you see an error like this "The following SData diagnosis occurred: Description=Operation failed. Message=Could not load type 'Sage.Entity.Interfaces.ICollection`1' from assembly 'Sage.Entity.Interfaces'. HTTP status: Internal Server Error (500)." in the web client when opening...
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  • Running a Report from a Button in the Saleslogix Web Client v8.1

    Here is a quick rundown of how to invoke a report for the current record in the various levels of SLX. In 7.54 btnPreview.OnClientClick = "ShowReportByName(' Sales Order :SalesOrder Detail'); return false;"; In 8.0 btnPreview.OnClientClick = @"require(['Sage/Reporting/Service'...
    Posted to Kris Halsrud's Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Editing Another User's Activities

    Question: How can I add, edit or delete Activities for another user in Saleslogix? Answer: In the Administrator Options, you are able to access user profiles. If you open the user profile you can add users to the User Calendar tab. You can also choose whether additional users can add, edit or delete...
  • Installing a Saleslogix Web Bundle

    I realized that we didn't have any sort of simple write up of how to install a Saleslogix web bundle, so for my post this month, I thought I'd list the steps in a typical installation with screenshots. Most of these screenshots are from an 8.0 system, but the process should be the same in older...
    Posted to Jason Buss' Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Saleslogix 8 and 8.1 Windows Authentication in Saleslogix Mobile 3.0.3

    If your company is using windows authentication in the Saleslogix Web client then you will want to use Windows Authentication for your mobile clients. After setting up the Windows Authentication according to the instructions in the Admin help set up the SData portal with basic authentication and with...
    Posted to SalesLogix Support (Weblog) by on
  • Editing Filters in Saleslogix Web Client 8.0

    Question: Is it possible to add or remove Saleslogix filters from the List view in Accounts? Answer: Yes, In the Application Architect you can go into your VFS file system and expand into your Saleslogix Application Entities. When you find the specific entity that you would like to edit...like Accounts...
  • Bug in the Saleslogix Web LiveGrid Lookup dialog

    I recently ran into an issue with the Opportunity Products grid in the Saleslogix web client. I client had requested additional columns in the "Add" Lookup dialog. I had added the Price column as a field in the Lookup Columns collection. I could see that the constructed OpportunityProducts...
    Posted to Kris Halsrud's Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Saleslogix Web Client Controls are Missing

    Every so often we hear that a user can no longer add products to an opportunity whether it is a new opportunity or an existing opportunity. The add product plus sign is missing for no apparent reason. Why does this happen? What has happened is a deployment was made from a different Application Architect...
    Posted to SalesLogix Support (Weblog) by on
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