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  • Set Release Date for Saleslogix v8.1

    December 20th, 2013! Swiftpage has announced that they will release Saleslogix v8.1 to North American customers on December 20th, and with it you can expect a new and improved Outlook integration experience, integrated social networks, the ability to add multiple attendees to an Activity, and so much...
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  • Familiarize Yourself with the Saleslogix Web Client

    Workshop Monday, December 16th at 2pm CST. If you are new to the Saleslogix Web client, or would like to get a feel for how it differs from the Windows client, this is the workshop for you. "Saleslogix Web - Navigating the Web Client" will take you through the most commonly used areas, as well...
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  • Installing Git - Git for the Saleslogix Developer Series

    A necessity for Saleslogix Developers. Below is an oldie, but a goodie. One of our most popular Developer focused videos on the Customer FX YouTube channel, "Installing Git - Git for the Saleslogix Developer Series", covers installing and configuring Git for new users, using Git Extensions...
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  • Saleslogix Mobile Video: Adding Custom Fields

    Making mobile work the way you do. Saleslogix Mobile has many great features to help users who are out in the field, but sometimes you need a little bit more. Watch our second video in our Mobile Development series and learn how to implement custom fields. And if you haven't watched the introduction...
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  • Automating Your Saleslogix Web Contact Processes

    View the video! If you are interested in learning more about how Contact Processes work, how they differ between the LAN and Web clients, and how they are beneficial to Saleslogix users, we have a video you should watch: -Brianna
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  • Saleslogix v8 Filters

    Find just the information you need. The filtering capabilities in Saleslogix v8 Web can help you take a huge list of information and filter it down to the information that is most relevant to you. Learn how filters work by watching this quick demonstration: Want to take your filtering capabilities a...
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  • Saleslogix v7.5.0 through v7.5.3 Are Moving to Critical Fix Only Status

    What does this mean? Saleslogix is dedicated to improving and evolving to meet the needs of the current market place, and with the release of Saleslogix v8.1 quickly approaching, Swiftpage has decided to move Saleslogix v7.5.0 through v7.5.3 to Critical Fix Only status. So what does this mean for all...
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  • SalesLogix Web Client v8.0 – Determining the selected records in the list view

    In a previous post , I talked about how you can access the client side group selection context to determine what records are selected in the SalesLogix web client in the group/list view. That post was for 7.5x SalesLogix web. The version 8.0 web client has replaced the ext-js group components with a...
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  • SalesLogix e-Marketing Social Feeds Feature

    Recording now available. If you missed this month's webinar, Demystifying SalesLogix e-Marketing: Using the Social Feeds Feature, we now have the recording available. Watch the recording and learn why and how you can use this new feature of SalesLogix e-Marketing. -Brianna
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  • Upgrading SalesLogix vs Migration to SalesLogix version 8.0

    Question: We want to get off the desktop versions and into the Cloud. I have been working with Sage and our BP already, but looking to get some more perspectives. In your world, what is the best way to achieve this? Our BP is suggesting an upgrade instead of a migration. Answer: In order to preserve...
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