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  • System Dates

    One of my customers had an issue this week with setting the date on their system. They were trying to run a contact process and back date the note that was going to be entered on the Contact Record. Because of their Licensing Level, they are unable to actually change the Contact process itself. So, they...
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  • Web Viewers-Inserting a note

    This week I have discovered that the Web Viewer licensed used in version 7.51 is unable to enter notes on a record. This is functionality that a Web Viewer should be able to use, according to the license definition. Sage Software has put out a Hotfix, Hotfix #32 that fixes this. Or, if you have upgraded...
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  • SalesLogix in the Cloud - coming in 2010!

    Everyone has heard about SaaS and now the all the buzz is the Cloud. We may have our own opinions but here is how the National Institute of Standards and Technology defines the Cloud. What are the advantages of the Cloud model over SaaS? Cloud platforms can offer elastic scalability and secure platforms...
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  • Troubleshooting SalesLogix 7.5.1 Application Architect Login

    If you get the message "cannot login non-admin" when trying to open the Application Architect you will need to make a change to the usersecurity table. Open the table in SQL Server Management Studio and find the type field in the Admin user row. Change the value to "W" to allow the...
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  • Removing User Settings in the SalesLogix 7.5.1 VirtualFileSystem Table

    If a SalesLogix 7.5.1 Web Client user is unable to access a particular type of page, (Account, Contact, or Opportunity pages for example) even when the SalesLogix login is performed at different workstations, and other users do not experience the same problem, it probably is due to some contaminated...
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  • SalesLogix 7.5.1 Web Client MailMerge Issue and Resolution

    We had a web client user successfully using Mail Merge on a test web installation but after production was put into place Mail Merge failed. With a little digging we discovered the initial download to install the Active Mail components places a .dll, Slxemailnotifier.dll, in the Windows\system32 dir...
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  • SalesLogix Field Security Profiles

    Well, it never ceases to amaze me that there are always new things to learn about SalesLogix. This week I had a customer that customized their Account Detail View. We were able to access the new fields and enter data, when we were logged in as Admin. However, when you are logged in as a regular user...
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  • Adding the More Button to the SalesLogix Quick Find Form

    Have you ever wanted to use the Quick Find option in SalesLogix Client but wanted to look at a different field then the Account.Company, Contact.LastName, or TicketID? The quick way to accomplish this is by adding the More button to the Main View. The More button is a property of the Main View and can...
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  • Importing Users In SalesLogix 7.5.x

    There are times when the SalesLogix Administrator is asked to import users from an .xls spreadsheet. Fortunately there is a handy little import wizard built right into the Admin application (Insert | Import Users | From a .CSV file) that assists you with this task. After you have added the SalesLogix...
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  • Customizations in SalesLogix LAN Client vs SalesLogix Web Client

    This week a customer asked me whether there new LAN Customizations would automatically be a part of the Web Client. Currently SalesLogix does not have a way to create a customization once and deploy it to both versions of the client. Any customizations that are done for the LAN Client would need to be...
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