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  • How to Change the SalesLogix Group Layout for the "Lookup Results" group

    Changing the Opportunity Lookup Results Group Layout 1. Open Architect as Admin. 2. Go to Manage/Lookup. 3. Change the Main Table to Opportunity on the top of the screen. 4. Highlight “Description” and click on the Edit button on the left side of the screen. 5. Click on the “Layout” button. 6. Drag additional...
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  • SalesLogix License Updater

    Tired of adding new SalesLogix Evaluation licenses to all of your demonstration databases? SalesLogix License Updater is a utility that assists business partners to update multiple SalesLogix databases that contain evaluation licenses. SalesLogix periodically publishes evaluation license unlock keys...
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  • Free Download of Updated Standard Reports

    As most of you know, over the last several months I have been reviewing the 60 plus Crystal reports that come with a standard implementation of Sage SalesLogix. In the last three post we have been working to update these reports based on the initial review. Up until now these reports have not been available...
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  • SalesLogix Today Benefits

    This post on SalesLogix Today will focus on benefits to you and your business, according to Sage Software. This information is compiled from multiple sources: Get more information on Sage SalesLogix Today here Full CRM Implementation Services and Business Assurance Guided CRM Implementation by a CRM...
  • SalesLogix Basics 6 - Tab Control

    The tab control is very simple to use, yet gives you another way to organize controls on new views you create in SalesLogix. The tab control will act as a control container, similar to a panel control, but with separate containers for each defined 'tab' in the control. The 'Tabs' Property...
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  • Configuring SalesLogix SpeedSearch after a SpeedSearch is not Configured Properly Message

    After installing the SpeedSearch server I set up the configuration to use the SalesLogix_Eval database. This worked fine and we proceeded to use this configuration during our testing. However, we ran into a loop when we attempted to reset the SpeedSearch Configuration. The settings were changed to use...
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  • SalesLogix Today Product Info

    We've put up a page with detailed information on Sage SalesLogix Today here . For reference here's a list that will track all posts on the topic of SalesLogix Today .
  • Fixing the SalesLogix Account Phone list Crystal Report

    When I started to write this blog post I was not going to even look at this report because my initial review really had no suggestions for improvements. I came up with the idea of adding the Account Manager to the report. Thinking that it would be a quick post I tried to add the Account Manager and discovered...
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  • SalesLogix 7.5 IIS Requirement

    On Windows 2008 Standard servers you may have IIS 7 installed. In order to run SalesLogix 7.5, IIS 7 must be run in IIS 6 compatibility mode. Here are the steps to add that role. 1.Click Start, click All Programs, click Administrative Tools and click Server Manager. 2.Expand Roles and right-click Application...
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  • SalesLogix Today Business Partner Launch

    On March 12, 2009 Customer FX will be attending the official Business Partner Launch for SalesLogix Today, a new offering from Sage. Topics will include: Overview of Sage SalesLogix Today Package Sage SalesLogix Today Customer Experience Options and Requirements for becoming an Authorized Reseller Upcoming...
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