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  • SalesLogix Mobile CRM

    New white paper. This month Sage released an updated version of their SalesLogix Mobile CRM white paper - see attachment. This paper gives a great overview of mobile CRM, benefits of using mobile CRM, what to consider when adopting mobile CRM, and specifics about SalesLogix Mobile CRM. If you are thinking...
  • Avoiding Duplicate Ticket Numbers in SalesLogix

    SalesLogix uses an internal function to create Ticket numbers based off the table ID for the record. The first two sections of these numbers indicate the user or site creating the number. The last number section is a hash based off the table ID values. The combination of these two sets of numbers is...
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  • Free SalesLogix Report Download - Contact by Account Report

    Another enhanced report is available for download, courtesy of George Jensen and Customer FX. You can download a free copy of the Contact By Account report using this link Get details on this enhanced report here... Get all of our Free SalesLogix Reports here...
  • Improving the SalesLogix Contract Crystal Report

    Still working through fixing, adjusting, or updating the Crystal Reports that come with a standard Implementation of Sage SalesLogix. I have moved into the Contract Family of the reports. On December 08, 2008 in a blog post labeled SalesLogix Contract and Defect Level Reports , I wrote the following...
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  • Removing Bundles

    Caution!!!! When you receive a bundle to test, make sure you load that bundle into a test system first. Once you have tested your bundle and want to apply to the LIVE database, you can do so. If for some reason this bundle needs to be removed, you do not need to remove the entire bundle. Although sometimes...
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  • Disabling Outlook Integration with SalesLogix 7.x

    I recently was asked to disable the integration with Outlook 2007 for a user. They did not want to see the SalesLogix Icons in Outlook any longer and did not want to be prompted to login to the SalesLogix database when opening Outlook. This seemed like a strange request considering I am usually asked...
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  • Sage Summit Customer Conference 2009

    Find out about new products and build relationships. Every year Sage holds a customer conference called Sage Summit, a great opportunity for you to learn about new products and ideas, and to build relationships with peers within and outside of your industry. The information available at this time is...
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  • Updating the SalesLogix Contact by Account Crystal Report

    Real quick post today as we continue fixing adjusting and updating the Crystal Reports that come with a standard Implementation of Sage SalesLogix. On November 28, 2008 I wrote a blog post labeled SalesLogix Contact level Reports , the following is a portion of the post concerning the Contact By Account...
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  • Status Definitions of SalesLogix Contact Processes

    SalesLogix stores contact processes that have been, or are, scheduled for contacts in the PROCESS table.  This table contains both historical data about completed and aborted records, as well as currently running processes.  In the table there is a Status column.  The following defines...
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  • Building new Main Views in SalesLogix LAN - Part 2

    In my last Main Views article, I created the detail view as well as the mainview. For this next part, I'll go through creating an insert view, as well as toolbar and menu items for the new SLXProject entity. Creating the Insert View: The insert view for this new area will be created as a manage view...
    Posted to Jason Buss' Blog (Weblog) by on
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