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  • Saleslogix 8 and 8.1 Windows Authentication in Saleslogix Mobile 3.0.3

    If your company is using windows authentication in the Saleslogix Web client then you will want to use Windows Authentication for your mobile clients. After setting up the Windows Authentication according to the instructions in the Admin help set up the SData portal with basic authentication and with...
    Posted to SalesLogix Support (Weblog) by on
  • Delivering Data & Schema in SalesLogix Bundles

    If you've had any exposure to SalesLogix, you'll have used a bundle. Bundles are great, but when it comes to delivering data or schema changes in a bundle, there have always been a lot of unknowns as to what is actually happening. What if the schema changes already exist in the target database...
    Posted to Ryan Farley's Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Mobile 3.0.3 for Saleslogix v7.5.4, v8.0.0 & v8.1.0 is now available!

    Saleslogix Mobile v3.0.3 is now available in the customer portals. This update addresses all issues introduced with the iOS 7.0 update and Saleslogix Mobile and is compatible with iOS 7.1. Saleslogix Mobile 3.0.3 is based on the Mobile 3.x platform, which will be the mobile platform moving forward and...
  • Editing Filters in Saleslogix Web Client 8.0

    Question: Is it possible to add or remove Saleslogix filters from the List view in Accounts? Answer: Yes, In the Application Architect you can go into your VFS file system and expand into your Saleslogix Application Entities. When you find the specific entity that you would like to edit...like Accounts...
  • Creating a Unique Saleslogix table ID in a SQL Function

    A couple of months ago Ryan Farley wrote an article about how to use a SQL stored procedure to create a Saleslogix table ID. One of the things I always struggled with is how to do it outside a stored procedure, so that you could do something like create a View of new data and add a new ID to that view...
    Posted to Kris Halsrud's Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Saleslogix Integration with Google - WOW!

    Saleslogix will be releasing their Google Integration this month and from what I have seen, it is fantastic, way beyond what I thought was possible. It is much more than just email integration, you get Google Calendar and Contacts 2-way sync as well. For some users, you may never have to open Saleslogix...
  • Global Joins in the Saleslogix Web Client

    Question: How can I make a Global Join stick in the Saleslogix Web Client? Currently, when I create a global join, it does not show up in the Query Builder. Answer: We have recently found there is an issue with Global Joins sticking in the Web Client. The work around that we are using is to log into...
  • Diagnosing Sdata 500 Errors In Saleslogix Web 8.0

    We had a user looking up an opportunity by description so they could attach an email to the Opportunity. This brought the SData feature of Saleslogix into play since it is used by the Saleslogix Desktop integration. However the Opportunity Lookup returned SData 500 error Internal Server Error. This is...
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  • Creating a Saleslogix Ticket Pretty Prefix and Suffix in External Applications

    Some entities in Saleslogix, such as Tickets, use a "pretty key" as an easier to use value to reference the record. These pretty keys take a Saleslogix table ID value and then create a value like 000-00-1234. If you are creating an external application with this functionality, you'll need...
    Posted to Ryan Farley's Blog (Weblog) by on
  • Saleslogix Business Care

    Updated datasheet. Swiftpage recently updated the Saleslogix Business Care datasheet, and if you are wondering what benefits are available at the different tiers, this is a handy sheet to have. The updated sheet reflects Swiftpage's new datasheet template and the new Saleslogix branding. Check out...
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