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  • Creating a Saleslogix Ticket Pretty Prefix and Suffix in External Applications

    Some entities in Saleslogix, such as Tickets, use a "pretty key" as an easier to use value to reference the record. These pretty keys take a Saleslogix table ID value and then create a value like 000-00-1234. If you are creating an external application with this functionality, you'll need...
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  • Saleslogix Business Care

    Updated datasheet. Swiftpage recently updated the Saleslogix Business Care datasheet, and if you are wondering what benefits are available at the different tiers, this is a handy sheet to have. The updated sheet reflects Swiftpage's new datasheet template and the new Saleslogix branding. Check out...
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  • How Can You Get a Count of All Your Groups in Saleslogix?

    Today I had a Administrator ask me how they could get a count of all of their groups in SalesLogix. They were doing maintenance and deleting many old groups in the system, which should be done frequently. The following script can be run in the Sql server management studio to show you a count all all...
  • SNC Update 01 Now Available for Saleslogix v8.1

    And information about changes to Crystal Reports. Head out to the Saleslogix Customer Portal to get the Saleslogix v8.1 SNC Update 01. Addressed in this update are several issues with the Outlook Sync configuration. You will also find a fix for localization issues with special characters not displaying...
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  • Programatically Looking up Users in Saleslogix Web

    Sometimes the easiest tasks can get in the way of doing the real work. Programatically looking up users should always be an easy task. When I noticed that we didn't appear to have a post on doing this on customerfx.com I thought it was time to create a post on this topic. There are several ways to...
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  • How Do You Unlock a Saleslogix Users Login?

    Question: I have a user that is locked out of their account and unable to log into Salelogix. I know the user is active, how can I unlock the user? Answer: If you log into the Saleslogix Administrator, you go to Users, then right click on the user that is locked out. The bottom menu item allows you to...
  • Saleslogix Job Server on an Upgraded SalesLogix 8.1 Web

    Although these steps are primarily for an application server with a web server to host IIS, some of these steps are good checks on any Job Server install. 1. Ensure that the actual executable (SLXJobServer.exe) has been upgraded to 8.1. 2. Port 1895 must be open for inbound and outbound traffic on the...
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  • Using Joins in Saleslogix Web and Saleslogix Cloud

    On demand training. This video is an oldie, but a goodie, and will explain 3 different joins and how they are used: -Brianna
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  • Workshop: Tickets and Saleslogix Web

    Monday, February 3rd at 2pm CST. New to Saleslogix Web or looking to brush up on your ticketing skills? Join us for a free end user workshop and learn how to navigate the ticketing area and how to efficiently use the main features of Tickets. Register now! -Brianna
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  • Saleslogix v8.1 Quick Start Reference Guide

    Sales and Marketing. Sales and marketing users tend to use different parts of Saleslogix than those in a support or customer service. You may spend very little time in the ticketing area, but you most definitely will spend plenty of time going through Leads and scheduling activities with your contacts...
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