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  • Using the Database Tuning Advisor For Creating New Indexes on a SalesLogix SQL Database

    In a previous post I discussed using the slxprofiler to find bottlenecks in SalesLogix sql statements. Today we will examine one query and create an Index with the Database Engine Tuning Advisor. Before you began this procedure keep in mind these new indexes can be over 200mb so make sure you have adequate...
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  • Restoring Deleted SalesLogix Sales Processes

    If someone has deleted an existing SalesProcess and you need to restore it you can follow this guide. First, create a bundle of the deleted SalesProcess plugin (Type =1) from a database backup . Then install that bundle in the production system without releasing the bundle. Now run a sql script...
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  • Adding Fields to main tables in SalesLogix v6.2

    In older databases, the main tables are locked down, which is why we always used extension tables. However, you can get around that by setting the UserDef field in the SecTableDefs table to "T" for all records where tablename = Whatever tablename your looking at. If there's a specific requirement...
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  • Removing User Settings in the SalesLogix 7.5.1 VirtualFileSystem Table

    If a SalesLogix 7.5.1 Web Client user is unable to access a particular type of page, (Account, Contact, or Opportunity pages for example) even when the SalesLogix login is performed at different workstations, and other users do not experience the same problem, it probably is due to some contaminated...
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  • SalesLogix Workgroup Log Files

    The SalesLogix WGLogs folder contains all the files the system has created for syncing data from the main database to remote users. If you have installed the Synchronization server and ran an initial sync these log files will continue to build in the WGLogs folder until the sync server runs and removes...
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  • Using a SQL Query to Update the Person Table in SageCRM

    After a recent import into SageCRM we noticed the Person table did not reflect the same Account Manager when those people are in the same Company. We decided to update the tables in SQL rather then rerun the import and risk overwriting any new data. The script needed to find only those records in the...
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  • Using a SQL Trigger to Remedy SalesLogix 7.5.1 Defect 1-68130

    In SalesLogix 7.5.1 Web client on a SQL2005 database there is a known defect where null values in the activity table prevent users from seeing activities in the Activities View. We have used scripts to correct the issue but those scripts must be run every time the issue reappears. Here is a trigger that...
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  • What Happened to the SalesLogix Close Opportunity Form?

    I recently assisted a client with restoring the Close Opportunity Form that appears when you select "Closed - Won" from the Opportunity Status field. The form is dependent on the exact picklist value and that value had been changed to "Closed-Won". There are certain controls that...
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  • SalesLogix Custom Date Fields and Daylight Savings

    We recently helped a client with an issue on a custom date field. Here is the problem. When entering 11/2/08 into a custom date field, the date changes to 11/1/08 (ironically enough this is the day that Day Light Savings Ends). Is there something in the code that is changing the date (mind you we DO...
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  • SalesLogix 7.5.1 Web Client Activities

    We recently corrected a database that was upgraded to 7.5.1 and after the upgrade the Activities were no longer visible in the web client Activities Window. The Activity window in the LAN client continued to display Activities. What we found out is the fields in the Activity table that did not allow...
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