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  • Function Security In SalesLogix

    We recently came across a client that could not open Attachments in the 7.5 lan client. Initially we thought there was a problem with the Account form but after further digging discovered the security for this user was changed to prevent them from Opening, Deleting, Editing or Updating Attachments. So...
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  • SalesLogix 7.5 and IE8 Compatibility - Good News!

    The shipping version on IE8 has a compatibility view button allowing users to view the page in the Internet Explorer 7 rendering engine. This eliminates duplicated menu items or overlapping fields in the SLXClient. And if you open tools compatibility view settings you can toggle to view all web sites...
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  • SalesLogix 7.5.1 Web Reporting Tech Tip

    Web reporting was configured, deployed, and working on a 7.5.1 SalesLogix web server but after installing a customization bundle the Web Reports icon returned the following error: "Web Reporting has not been configured. Please contact your SalesLogix Administrator." After some troubleshooting...
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  • Troubleshooting the Send SLX Option in Outlook for SalesLogix

    When using the Send SLX button in Outlook to add an email history to a SalesLogix Contact you will see a simple interface asking if you want to attach the email to a particular contact and possibly save the attachments to the record. What happens if you are using the Send SLX button and you do not have...
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  • SalesLogix Folder Sharing

    One of the requirements for sharing attachments and library files is a shared folder open to all SalesLogix users. Security on this folder should be set to full control. We usually test the shared folder, slxlogging for our example, by asking users to browse to the folder, open a file, write a file to...
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  • SalesLogix 7.5 Web Client Browser Compatibility

    For those of us who want the latest and greatest web browser be aware that SalesLogix 7.5 is not authorized for IE8. Internet Explorer 8 will be authorized at some point in the future but for now version 7.5 is only authorized for IE7 and IE6 and for Mozilla Firefox (except for the active mail feature...
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  • Clean Uninstall of SalesLogix

    There may be a time when you will need to uninstall an earlier version of SalesLogix. There are two areas you will want to address, the registry and the folders in Program Files. If you really want to make sure all remnants are removed purge the registry of any SalesLogix reference and remove the folders...
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  • SalesLogix Administrative Roles

    I was working with a client recently and asked him to install a bundle logged in as the administrator. As I followed along I saw he had successfully installed and released the bundle to all users. In addition to the bundle there was some script changes we needed to implement. He opened the Architect...
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  • Installing MSDE from the SalesLogix 7.0 DVD

    In a recent situation we were asked to install a remote SalesLogix 7.0 SQL2000 database on a notebook with SQL 2005 Server. We were able to remove SQL Server 2005 in this case but when we attempted to install MSDE we were prompted to use a strong password and the installation stopped until we added that...
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  • Exception EOleException On SalesLogix LAN Clients

    Here is an error that we have seen in the SalesLogix LAN clients...This fix will help you avoid a complete uninstall and reinstall. Exception EOleException: User Option not found PersonalLayout:ActivityLayout Exception location: [00AEBE95]{SalesLogix.exe} The problem is probably related to contaminated...
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