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  • Preparing a Spreadsheet for Import

    Whether you are importing Leads or Contacts/Accounts into SalesLogix you need to make sure that you import clean data. My personal belief is that you need to clean the data prior to import, not import first and then clean up your data. One of the first things you need to do with import data is to make...
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  • Disabling Outlook Integration with SalesLogix 7.x

    I recently was asked to disable the integration with Outlook 2007 for a user. They did not want to see the SalesLogix Icons in Outlook any longer and did not want to be prompted to login to the SalesLogix database when opening Outlook. This seemed like a strange request considering I am usually asked...
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  • Importing Leads into SalesLogix 7.5.x Web

    Our friends on SalesLogix Developer originally posted this error and solution but I thought it was important enough to pass it on. After upgrading a 6.2 db to 7.5 web and following the instructions for the upgrade the option to import leads returned an error "Import configuration not found for entity...
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  • Last Chance to Register for SalesLogix Web Developer Training

    There is still time to register for my SalesLogix Web Developer training class starting this Monday. I am getting excited to start the class, we'll be covering how to develop a complete solution in the SalesLogix 7.5 Web platform. You can see the entire class detail here and register here . This...
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  • Public SalesLogix Developer Classes Revamped

    I announced a while ago that we will be offering some public developer training classes for SalesLogix Web. We will be making some changes to the class outline I posted earlier. The new classes we will be offering will be as follows: Building Solutions for SalesLogix Web This is the all-inclusive web...
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  • Public SalesLogix Web Developer Classes On The Way

    Ever since the new SalesLogix 7.2 Web client and platform was released, I've had numerous requests for development training. Until now, I've done that on a very individualized basis, providing web training to single companies at a time. I've decided that it is time to make my web development...
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  • 9 New SalesLogix Training Classes

    New Role Based Training Classes for SalesLogix Our new role based classes are designed for delivery over the web but can be classroom based on request. Generally speaking, each class is made up of 1 or more modules, each module being about 2hr maximum in length. Overview of SalesLogix : This class is...
  • Training

    Good Training Delivered by Experts Who Also Teach. All of our training is delivered by a team that's been working their craft an average of 11.2 years with Customer FX . Our training goes way beyond the textbook and into the real world. Users. Developers. Administrators. Managers. We deliver training...
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