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  • SalesLogix 7.2 Officially Released

    The wait is finally over. SalesLogix version 7.2 is finally released. This new version brings an exciting new ASP.NET based webclient and a ground-breaking, and completely incredible new development .NET environment - the Application Architect. I'll have plenty to say in the months ahead about this...
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  • SalesLogix Web Client Tip for Viewing Hidden Values

    I came accross a tip today that I didn't know about the SalesLogix web client in the slxdeveloper.com forums . I had no idea you could do this, but appearently this has been around since version 6.2.3. In the web client, navigate to any record, then press F8 . You'll get a message that pops up...
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  • Consuming Web Services from SalesLogix VBScript

    A really great thread has been evolving in the slxdeveloper.com forums about consuming web services from SalesLogix VBScript plugins. Take a look: Calling a webservice from SLX LAN client Some highlights of the thread include Jason Huber's post showing an example using the MS SOAP SDK (^) : I created...
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  • New Utility Coming - SalesLogix FormSpy

    I put together a new utility I'll be releasing in the near future on slxdeveloper.com called SalesLogix FormSpy . Have you ever needed to customize a form but you didn't know what the form's name was? That is what this utility will solve. FormSpy is a .NET app that runs in the background. While SalesLogix...
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  • Forums Launched on slxdeveloper.com!

    I just thought I would post an announcement here that I've launched forums on slxdeveloper.com! They are a long time coming but I finally managed to squeak in enough time to finish them up. Take a look! Visit the slxdeveloper.com Community Forums I usually get a couple e-mails a day from this blog, people...
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  • Setting Read-Only on Legacy Views

    Not too long ago I wrote an article on generically setting a Form as read-only on slxdeveloper.com. Mike Spragg from E1 Business shared a great approach with me to accomplish the same with legacy views. What Mike does is run a script that establishes all the objects on the form - and then set them to...
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  • OK. So not so spent.

    OK. I know I said I was going to end saleslogixblog.com but I've changed my mind. I'm going to keep it around a bit more. Jeremy Brayton brought up a good point in the comments. This blog is a good place to post the tid-bits, leaving the beefier articles for slxdeveloper.com . So I'll keep it around...
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  • ...and I'm spent.

    After much thought, I've decided to discontinue SalesLogixBlog.com. I'm just spread way too thin. Over the next little while I'll take the best content from this blog and move it to slxdeveloper.com as full articles. However, I'll still be focusing on my regular blog at ryanfarley.com as usual (although...
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  • New article on slxdeveloper.com - Consuming SalesLogix Data via RSS

    I posted a new article to slxdeveloper.com tonight. Consuming SalesLogix Data via RSS http://www.slxdeveloper.com/page.aspx?action=viewarticle&articleid=49 Good stuff. Anyone have any opinions on the idea itself?
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  • New article for slxdeveloper.com - How to change the mouse cursor in SalesLogix Legacy Views

    Todd Hardin of Customer Systems, Inc sent me a new article for slxdeveloper.com . Titled How To: Set Mouse Cursor in Legacy Views . Great stuff. Take a look here: How To: Set Mouse Cursor in Legacy Views http://www.slxdeveloper.com/page.aspx?id=35&articleid=42 BTW, I've really let things get stale...
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