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  • SalesLogix Developer Community Reaches Major Milestone

    www.slxdeveloper.com reaches 3,000 members in July and is on target for 4,000 by year end St. Paul, MN (PRWEB) July 29, 2008 -- Customer FX Corporation announces slxdeveloper.com reached 3,000 members earlier this month, making it the largest community on the web dedicated to developers who work with...
  • Creating Phone Links in SalesLogix 7.2 Web Client

    If you're working with the new SalesLogix 7.2 Web Client & the Application Architect then the place to be is the slxdeveloper.com forum for the SalesLogix 7.2 Web . It has some really great discussions going on. One of these great discussions is where an slxdeveloper.com member needs to make...
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  • SalesLogix 7.2 Officially Released

    The wait is finally over. SalesLogix version 7.2 is finally released. This new version brings an exciting new ASP.NET based webclient and a ground-breaking, and completely incredible new development .NET environment - the Application Architect. I'll have plenty to say in the months ahead about this...
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  • SalesLogix Web Client Tip for Viewing Hidden Values

    I came accross a tip today that I didn't know about the SalesLogix web client in the slxdeveloper.com forums . I had no idea you could do this, but appearently this has been around since version 6.2.3. In the web client, navigate to any record, then press F8 . You'll get a message that pops up...
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  • Consuming Web Services from SalesLogix VBScript

    A really great thread has been evolving in the slxdeveloper.com forums about consuming web services from SalesLogix VBScript plugins. Take a look: Calling a webservice from SLX LAN client Some highlights of the thread include Jason Huber's post showing an example using the MS SOAP SDK (^) : I created...
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  • New Utility Coming - SalesLogix FormSpy

    I put together a new utility I'll be releasing in the near future on slxdeveloper.com called SalesLogix FormSpy . Have you ever needed to customize a form but you didn't know what the form's name was? That is what this utility will solve. FormSpy is a .NET app that runs in the background. While SalesLogix...
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  • Forums Launched on slxdeveloper.com!

    I just thought I would post an announcement here that I've launched forums on slxdeveloper.com! They are a long time coming but I finally managed to squeak in enough time to finish them up. Take a look! Visit the slxdeveloper.com Community Forums I usually get a couple e-mails a day from this blog, people...
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  • Setting Read-Only on Legacy Views

    Not too long ago I wrote an article on generically setting a Form as read-only on slxdeveloper.com. Mike Spragg from E1 Business shared a great approach with me to accomplish the same with legacy views. What Mike does is run a script that establishes all the objects on the form - and then set them to...
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  • Setting A MainView As ReadOnly

    I recently posted an article on slxdeveloper.com where I outlined the code for a class for SalesLogix to set an entire form as ReadOnly at runtime (See Generically Setting a Form as Read-Only ). I put that code to some cool use this week when I needed to set an entire MainView as ReadOnly based on certain...
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  • Prepared Queries and the SalesLogix Provider

    If you have not yet read Stuart Carnie's article on slxdeveloper.com on using prepared queries with the SalesLogix provider than I highly recommend you check it out (See: The Myths and Legends of Prepared Queries ). Stuart recently offered some comments to the article which provided some background on...
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