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Creating a New Sales Process in Infor CRM (Saleslogix)

Every company has a sales process that reflects the needs of the business. Sales processes are a series of stages and steps that help a sales person close an opportunity. In Infor CRM you have the ability to create sales processes based on business size, product line, territory, or any other factor that determines how a sale progresses through a pipeline. This workshop will focus on innovative ways to ensure important sales steps are not missed in the sales process. Upon ...

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The Infor CRM Knowledge Base

If you need to search the Infor CRM database to find Tickets, History, and items in the Library for important information you need to use a search engine - the Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base can also be used to search any network folder to find needed information, a functionality that many users find helpful. Search areas are defined by the Infor CRM administrator which means that you can use the Knowledge Base to search any area that meets the criteria setup by the adm...

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