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Inside Look: Takeaways From the Infor CRM Partner Summit

Last month Scott Weber attended an invite-only Infor CRM Partner Summit. The purpose of the summit was twofold - a chance for Business Partners to share what is and isn't working for customers, and a chance for Infor to share information about the various products that will be integrating with Infor CRM. This month, in lieu of a product demonstration, we have asked Ed Heinsius of Infor to present a condensed version of the summit with a focus on the upcoming product integrati...

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Infor CRM Web – Creating a New Opportunity

An Opportunity is a potential sale to an account, and the ability to accurately enter and track Opportunities can mean the success or failure of a sale. The Opportunity feature of Infor CRM allows sales representatives and sales managers to collect, analyze, forecast, and report on a variety of information related to sales such as: Probability of close Potential revenue Days in pipeline Estimated and actual close date This workshop will focus on establishing Opportunity De...

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Infor CRM (Saleslogix) v8: Using the Duplicate Wizard

Do you have duplicates clogging up Infor CRM and making a mess out of your data? You're not alone. No matter how vigilant you are about checking for duplicates before importing or adding Accounts/Contacts, it's inevitable that you will end up with duplicates. So what should you do? Get comfortable using the Duplicate Wizard. In this workshop we will review how to use the different options within the Duplicate Wizard. You may not be able to prevent all duplicates from ha...

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Managing Your Infor CRM Dashboard

The Infor CRM Dashboard is a great tool that allows for real-time insight into important information for all levels of an organization. The Dashboard features pipeline analysis, top opportunities, closed sales to date, win/loss analysis, key performance indicators (KPI’s), product sales performance, product sales opportunities, calendar and activity views, drill-down analysis, pre-built and custom reports. With so many choices it is important that you are able to manage y...

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