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Infor CRM Web – Creating Groups

Creating a group is a great way to save time when you need to work with a subset of records in your Infor CRM Web database. Groups are a collection of accounts, contacts, or opportunities that share a common value or characteristic. Groups allow a user to accomplish a task or perform job functions, such as sending a direct mail piece or conducting a telemarketing campaign, to a specific subset of records. The great thing about the Group functionality is that the user can c...

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Creating and Deleting Filters in Infor CRM Web v8

The Filters feature in Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Web is a great tool to use when you need filter down a Group to specific features. The question is, do you know how use Filters? In this workshop you will learn how to add a Filter based on an existing field within the database and also how to remove Filters.

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Looking Forward: The Infor CRM and CX Suite Roadmap

Join us as we discuss the future of Infor CRM and the Infor CX Suite. A question we hear often is, "what is Infor's plan for Infor CRM?" This month we decided to focus our webinar on the most recent Infor CRM and CX Suite roadmap. We will discuss topics such as: • Contextual Widgets • Perfomance • ERP Integrations • Sales Intelligence • Marketo Partnership • Mobile 4.0 • ION Workflows • Quota and Forecasting • Xbar for Mac and OWA • Responsive UI

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Managing Your Infor CRM Dashboard

The Infor CRM Dashboard is a great tool that allows for real-time insight into important information for all levels of an organization. The Dashboard features pipeline analysis, top opportunities, closed sales to date, win/loss analysis, key performance indicators (KPI’s), product sales performance, product sales opportunities, calendar and activity views, drill-down analysis, pre-built and custom reports. With so many choices it is important that you are able to manage y...

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