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New Feature Alert: Contour Proximity Search for Infor CRM v8.3.04 Web and Mobile

Join us this month for a live demonstration of Contour Proximity Search, a new mapping feature available for the Infor CRM 8.3.04 Web and Mobile clients. Not only will we walk you through setting up your Google API integration, but we will also show you the features of this fantastic new tool: • View one or more contacts or accounts on a Bing or Google interactive map. • Create driving directions and routes to multiple Accounts. • Show other nearby contacts or accoun...

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The Infor CRM Knowledge Base

If you need to search the Infor CRM database to find Tickets, History, and items in the Library for important information you need to use a search engine - the Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base can also be used to search any network folder to find needed information, a functionality that many users find helpful. Search areas are defined by the Infor CRM administrator which means that you can use the Knowledge Base to search any area that meets the criteria setup by the adm...

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Infor CRM Web – Creating Groups

Creating a group is a great way to save time when you need to work with a subset of records in your Infor CRM Web database. Groups are a collection of accounts, contacts, or opportunities that share a common value or characteristic. Groups allow a user to accomplish a task or perform job functions, such as sending a direct mail piece or conducting a telemarketing campaign, to a specific subset of records. The great thing about the Group functionality is that the user can c...

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