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Infor CRM Web – Creating a New Opportunity

An Opportunity is a potential sale to an account, and the ability to accurately enter and track Opportunities can mean the success or failure of a sale. The Opportunity feature of Infor CRM allows sales representatives and sales managers to collect, analyze, forecast, and report on a variety of information related to sales such as: Probability of close Potential revenue Days in pipeline Estimated and actual close date This workshop will focus on establishing Opportunity De...

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Infor CRM (Saleslogix) v8: Using the Duplicate Wizard

Do you have duplicates clogging up Infor CRM and making a mess out of your data? You're not alone. No matter how vigilant you are about checking for duplicates before importing or adding Accounts/Contacts, it's inevitable that you will end up with duplicates. So what should you do? Get comfortable using the Duplicate Wizard. In this workshop we will review how to use the different options within the Duplicate Wizard. You may not be able to prevent all duplicates from ha...

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Creating a New Contact Process in Infor CRM

A Contact Process is a series of tasks or actions executed according to defined rules. Using Contact Processes will increase the power users ability to stay informed during the sales process, get more done in less time, and never miss a beat! This workshop will show the power user three simple Contact Processes that can be used in the everyday use of Infor CRM. 1. Scheduling a phone call for a group of contacts. 2. Creating a History Record for a group of contacts. 3. Send...

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Infor CRM v8.2 Update 01 Features and Functionality

The recent release of Infor CRM v8.2 Update 01 includes many bug fixes, and also brings many improvements to end users, Administrators, and Developers alike. If you haven't had a chance to become familiar with the new features and functionality in Update 01, this month's webinar is for you. Join us as we review the top 5 features and functionality: -Dynamic Picklists - Allows you to add a filter word to picklist items and control those items dynamically. -Area/Category/Issu...

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