Adding a Custom Section to the Quick Add Menu in Creatio

In Creatio you’ll notice a plus button on the top left side you can click and you’ll get a menu of things you can add. This is called the Quick Add menu.

If you want to add a custom section to the quick add menu there are a few steps that you’ll need to do before being able to do so. If you search in the lookups for “quick add” you’ll find a lookup called “Quick add menu setup” but this doesn’t let you add anything to it This just defines the menu and who can see it. You’ll need to add another lookup to the lookup section and this will allow you to add new sections to the quick add menu.

This new lookup that we’re going to be adding already has an object created for it – all we need to do is add it to the lookups section. Go to the lookups area, then click the “Add Lookup” button. In the page that opens, select he object called “Item of the quick add menu” and give it a name that matches.

Once you add the lookup you can open it up and add your section. The pic below is what the lookup will look like.

You’ll give it a name and select the edit page for your custom section. Under “Quick add menu setup” you’ll just choose “General settings”. After you add your section you’ll want to log out and log back in and your section should be there.

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