Adding a Multiline Text Field in the Creatio Mobile Client

When you add a text field in the Creatio mobile client using the mobile wizard, by default, the field will be a single line of text. If you want to make the text field show multiple lines, you’ll need to add some code to make it display as a multiline text field. To do this, you’ll need to first create a module for the entity for the mobile application.

See Creating Modules for the Creatio Mobile Client

Once you’ve created the module, you’ll need to add the following code. Note, no other code is needed since this ins’t a declared module. Just paste in the code below. In this scenario, the field I am making multiline is a field named UsrDescription for an entity named UsrMySection.

Terrasoft.sdk.RecordPage.configureColumn("UsrMySection", "primaryColumnSet", "UsrDescription", {
	isMultiline: true

This code configures a column named UsrDescription on the page for the UsrMySection entity which is located in the column group named “primaryColumnSet”. This is the name of the main column group of a page, however it’s possible to create other column groups. If you’re not sure exactly what column group the field is in, locate the record page for the page in the configuration. The record page will be named [Prefix + “Mobile” + EntityName + “RecordPageSettings” + WorkplaceName]. So, for the out of the box Contact record page in the out of the box Default Workplace, the page schema would be named “MobileContactRecordPageSettingsDefaultWorkplace” or for a custom entity named UsrMySection in the default workplace the page schema would be named “UsrMobileUsrMySectionRecordPageSettingsDefaultWorkplace”. Locate the field there and see what it’s parentName is. That is the column group you’d use in the code above (in place of “primaryColumnSet”).

You can also make a text field in a list appear as multiline text as well. In a list, multiline text looks best without a label as well so it will take the entire width of the list area. Using the same scenario as before with an entity named UsrMySection and a field named UsrDescription, we can add the following code for the list view:

Terrasoft.sdk.GridPage.configureGroupColumn("UsrMySection", "UsrDescription", {
	isMultiline: true,
	label: ""
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