Adding Custom Code to the Merge Records Function in SalesLogix

Question: If I’d like to add customized code to the “Merge Records” function of
Accounts and Contacts in SalesLogix, can I catch the clicking on Merge’s
OK button event or modify the Merge Records View?

Answer:  This is possible, but you will need to change the argument of the
mainview’s groups panel’s (right panel) pop-up menu’s item for “Merge
Records” to an active script.  The active script will need to perform
your custom code – open up the Account detail mainview, click on the
groups panel, open the pop-up menu property, select “Merge Records” and
then look at the Action and Argument. 

The last thing you will need to do in the custom code is add the following line to call the merge screen:
Application.Basicfunctions.DoInvoke “Function”,”MainView:DupMerge”


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