Adding the Task Pane Area to the Infor CRM (Formerly Saleslogix) Customer Web Portal

In the Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix) Customer Web Portal, the Task Pane area is not visible by default.  This removes some functionality, like filters, and common tasks.  Here are the steps you can use to add these components back in.


To Add in the standard features to the Task Pane area

In the Portal Explorer…Portal Manager, double click the Customer Portal.

In the dialog that opens, go to the Tasklets tab.

In the Tasklets list add the following three tasklets in this order:

  1. SmartPartsTaskPaneGroupListGroupListTasklet.ascx
        Mode: Detail
        Title and Decription: Group List
  2. SmartPartsTaskPaneFiltersFilters.ascx
        Mode: List
        Title and Decription: Filters
  3. SmartPartsTaskPaneCommonTasksCommonTasksTasklet.ascx
        Mode: Any
        Title and Decription: Common Tasks

 Save your changes to the portal.


Adding back in the TaskPane workspace

In the Project Explorer, expand out Portal Manager…Customer Portal…Support Files…Masters

Double click on Base.Master.

Look for the method Page_Load (normally around line 87)

In the method you should see a couple of lines down code that looks like this:

         // hide the task pane on all pages
        IncludeTaskPane = false;

Comment out the second like like so:

        // hide the task pane on all pages
        // IncludeTaskPane = false;

Save your changes to the base.master file.



Re-deploy the SLX Clustomer Portal web portal.


Please be aware that the Common tasks area contains all the normal common tasks found in the Saleslogix web client.  You may want to limit that down.  you can to so by editing the CommonTasksTasklet.ascx.cs file.  Specificall modifying the FillListViewDictionaries and FillDetailViewDictionaries methods. This common tasks tasklet is specific to the Customer Portal and can be accessed in the Project Explorer…Customer Portal…Support Files…TaskPane..CommonTasks. 

See details about modifying that file here: /article/saleslogix-web-7-5-2-sp-3-adding-standard-common-tasks-to-custom-entity-pages/


Kris Halsrud

Kris Halsrud is a Senior Analyst / Developer for Customer FX Corporation.

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