Agile Delivery – Part 1

Adapting Your Delivery Process to Each Client

Is This Really Possible in a Service Business?

This can be pretty dangerous stuff.  Imagine an auto maker, say Toyota, assembling each car according to a process defined by each customer.  “I want my car built by mechanics only, I don’t believe in robots” or “Please source all of your parts from suppliers within 10 miles of your assembly line to lessen my carbon footprint”.

On the other hand, in our business…

Everyone Has a 3 Step, 5 Step, 7 Step, Unique, Proprietary, Proven, Fail Safe, You Are Headed for a Train Wreck and You’re a Moron if You Don’t Do it Our Way Methodology.

Try Googling CRM Methodology and you’ll get about 471,000 hits.  Google ERP Methodology and find 453,000 hits.  Google Project Methodology and you’ll get over 3,250,000 hits.  Try Development Methodology and get a whopping 8,600,000 pages.  It’s amazing.  And they all think they’ve found the true path to whatever.

The Ten Step Project Management Process  Cornell Project Management Methodology Prolifics Methodology – Prince2 Analytical Methodology Agile  Extreme  PMBOK – Catalyst CRM Methodology  3C Method – Sphinx CRM Methodology – QF-CRM Methodology

This blog is not big enough to list all of the various methodologies.  Seriously!  Worse yet…

Everyone Thinks Theirs Smells like Roses.

It’s gotten so ridiculous, it’s almost become like politics or religion.  Agile Development zealots built an entire web site for the purpose of disparaging traditional project management practices – which they label as “waterfall”, a term used only by people in their camp.  Check it out – they put an amazing amount of effort into this site.  Get a life, or a job.  Traditional project management proponents are pretentious enough that they have an institute and Project Management Body of Knowledge.  Good thing it can be purchased in PDF format, because otherwise the rain forest would be gone by now.  I’m calling these two out because they are well  known examples.  And I think both are excellent choices depending on the client, project, and the company executing them.

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David Tinjum

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