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Query Builder II – Layout, Sorting and Defaults [Video]

This SalesLogix Training webinar will show the user how to change the layout of a group. Also, how to sort by more than one field. The last tab, defaults will allow the user to create groups without duplicate records. Part 2 of 3 webinars showing other features of Query Builder Link: Watch video below:

Using Defects and Returns in SalesLogix Cloud / SalesLogix Web

In this SalesLogix Training webinar the user will learn to use Defects and Returns in association with Tickets in SalesLogix Web / SalesLogix Cloud. Each of these are an entity of their own, with ability to add groups and additional detail information if needed. This funcionality also enables you to track the number of Defects […]

SalesLogix Import Wizard

Good Morning Everyone, I had a question this morning about the SalesLogix import wizard. OR …should I say, does it exist? I have been working with SalesLogix for a long time and I often forget that some users are new to the product. The import wizard that is available to SalesLogix users is located in […]

SalesLogix Activity Alarms

I am a professional organizer and I client of mine uses SalesLogix to manage customer service, sales calls, and appointments. He is frustrated with the calendar feature in that all appointments in his calendar generate a task reminder unless he remembers to go into the calendar and manually mark the appointment as complete. Is there a way around this?

SalesLogix List View

This question was posted by one of my customers.  You know how in Microsoft Excel there is a gray column along the left side that is a line count of the rows? Is there a way to show such a column in the Contact-Groups list view?Answer- No, there is not a numbering sequence that you […]

Creating New Tickets in SalesLogix Cloud / SalesLogix Web [Video]

This SalesLogix Training webinar shows the user how to create New Tickets in SalesLogix Cloud SalesLogix Web Client. Tickets allow user to create a ticket to resolve issues that customers may have with your products. This will also allows you to track the number of issues and the resolutions used to address the problems. Other Ticket […]

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