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SalesLogix Import Wizard

Good Morning Everyone, I had a question this morning about the SalesLogix import wizard. OR …should I say, does it exist? I have been working with SalesLogix for a long time and I often forget that some users are new to the product. The import wizard that is available to SalesLogix users is located in […]

SalesLogix Activity Alarms

I am a professional organizer and I client of mine uses SalesLogix to manage customer service, sales calls, and appointments. He is frustrated with the calendar feature in that all appointments in his calendar generate a task reminder unless he remembers to go into the calendar and manually mark the appointment as complete. Is there a way around this?

SalesLogix List View

This question was posted by one of my customers. You know how in Microsoft Excel there is a gray column along the left side that is a line count of the rows? Is there a way to show such a column in the Contact-Groups list view?Answer-No, there is not a numbering sequence that you are able […]

Creating New Tickets in SalesLogix Cloud / SalesLogix Web [Video]

This SalesLogix Training webinar shows the user how to create New Tickets in SalesLogix Cloud SalesLogix Web Client. Tickets allow user to create a ticket to resolve issues that customers may have with your products. This will also allows you to track the number of issues and the resolutions used to address the problems.Other Ticket functionality […]

Using the Calendar in SalesLogix Web / SalesLogix Cloud

In this SalesLogix Training webinar the user will learn how to view, create, and edit activities directly from the Calendar. Using the Calendar in conjunction with the Activities list gives the user a comprehensive way to create, update, and complete activities in SalesLogix Cloud / Web.

Creating a New Word Template in the SalesLogix Cloud / Web Client

In this SalesLogix Training webinar the user will learn how to create a New Word Template in the SalesLogix Cloud / Web Client. Look for several different webinars about Word Templates to incorporate all of the functionality into your templates.Look for:Creating TemplatesReleasing TemplatesSetting Default TemplatesLink: the video below: 

SalesLogix Training – Options for Activities and Calendar in SalesLogix Cloud / Web [Video]

Setting specific options for a user can make all the difference in the world for the user experience. Check out all of the options and choose the ones that fit your needs. This SalesLogix Training webinar will focus on the Options available in the SalesLogix Web Client. Specifically the Activities and Calendar Tab.Please make sure you also view other videos […]

The Recently View Records Feature in SalesLogix Web Client [Video]

In this SalesLogix Training webinar you will learn to use the functionality that allows the user to retrieve recently accessed records.This will shorten the length of time to access records that have been used during the currentl session.Every shortcut available helps to make the SalesLogix user experience more fulfilling.Link: the video below:

Closing an Opportunity in SalesLogix Web Client [Video]

This SalesLogix Training webinar will show the user how to close an opportunity.Moving an opportunity through the pipeline and eventually closing the opportunity is an important part of forecasting.This webinar will show you the importance of closing an opportunity as well as the steps to accomplish this.Dale RichterCustomer FXLink:

Creating a New Opportunity in SalesLogix Web [Video]

This short SalesLogix Training webinar will show the user how to create a new opportunity in the SalesLogix Web Client.A very important part of forecast is the ability to create and manage opportunities.Dale RichterCustomer FXLink:

Creating New Contacts and Accounts for SalesLogix Web Client [Video]

This webinar will show the user how to Create New Contacts and Accounts in the SalesLoigx Web Client.Central to using SalesLogix Web Client, is the Contact and Account entities. In order to begin using the system, users must be able to create New Contacts and Accounts. Managing these entiites are the primary purpose for SalesLogix.Dale […]

Converting a Lead in SalesLogix Web Client [Video]

This webinar will teach the user how to convert a Lead into an Account/Contact in your SalesLogix Web database.Leads are a totally seperate entity from Contacts and Accounts. Leads reside in a table by themselves. Once a Lead has been qualified, it can then be converted into a Account/Contact. Dale RichterCustomer FXLink:

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