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More fun with Style Sheets! In the Infor CRM Web Client!

While you might have thought the fun would stop with my last post, oh no! Lets take a look at another style modification that you can make to tighten up those picklist drop downs. Normally, in the Infor CRM Web client, a picklist has enough white space between the entries to hide a dojo widget […]

Fun with Style Sheets! In the Infor CRM Web Client!

Sometimes the little joys in life make all the difference when you are slogging through Infor CRM development. One such little joy for me is when things finally come easy. For instance, what I am talking about today is how to resize the Notes field on the Activity dialog in the Infor CRM web client. […]

Fixing the Infor CRM Web Email Control to Handle Single Quotes

In the Infor CRM client for all levels of 8.3 and 8.4 if you have an email control that contains an email like “phil.d’’ the email address is not correctly used to open a new email dialog. Instead the email that gets passed is “pil.d”. This is because the launching of the email window uses […]

More Details on 8.3.10 (Core Update) for Infor CRM

Yesterday I mentioned what files changed between 8.3.09 and 8.3.10 in regards to the Model update. For the Core update, there is essentially even less. Almost all of the changes here are to the compiled assemblies and to the Javascript libraries. Since those can’t easily be modified those are not really an issue. The only […]

Details on the Newly Released 8.3.10 update for Infor CRM

Infor just released update 8.3.10. This fix contains A LOT of fixes to issues that are present in 8.3.09. Infor splits the delivery of these into 3 sets of files, SNC, Core, and Model. Typically the model update is the most troublesome to integrate since it can affect the various UI elements that users of […]

Fixing Timeless Activity Displays in the Infor CRM 8.3.09 Web Client

In the Infor CRM 8.3.09 web client timeless activities in the sdata grid display their dates as one day off due to UTC offset incorrectly being applied to these records. The sdata grids all inherit from the Sage.UI.Controls.GridParts.Columns.DateTime widget. Because of this we can fix the base widget function returning the incorrect date value and […]

Making Lookups in the Infor CRM History Dialog Hyperlinks

One thing that irks me about the dojo based Activity and History lookup widgets is that they don’t allow hyperlinking. While I get you don’t want users leaving the current page in the middle of creating a new record, it is awfully nice to be able to navigate to a record via a link. I […]

Infor CRM Web Client Import Lead Bug

Starting in version 8.3.06 the import lead wizard no longer functions in the Infor CRM web client. This is normally accessed from the Tools IMport Leads menu. When you select this menu you will get a message similar to: “We’re sorry, you’ve encountered an error. If applicable, please try again” If you look in the […]

Infor CRM 8.2 Editable Grid Quick Form Naming Issue

I just ran into an issue working on an 8.2 version of the Infor CRM web client. I was building a quickform with an editable grid that contained various tools that should be rendered on the toolbar. When I deployed the grid would not load and I was getting a client side error of: This […]

Infor CRM Contour Geocode mapping

Starting in Infor CRM 8.3.04 they added a feature called Contour which can utilize either Google or Bing mapping APIs to geocode the ADDRESS table in Infor CRM and then allow you to map addresses and find other close records. Scott Weber has a nice demo of all the features here. I wanted to get […]

How to Update Data with Update-able Recordsets

This was an oldie but a goodie that I originally wrote for way, way back in 2005! While most of my work is geared towards developing in the web client now, every once in a while I have to dust of the VBScript brain cells and remember out how to do these things. In […]

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