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Sorting a Dropdown Lookup on a Creatio Freedom UI Page

By default, dropdown lookups on a Creatio Freedom UI page sort by alphabetical order. However, it’s possible to change this sort by modifying an attribute for the dropdown lookup that stores the sort config. To modify this sort, in the page’s model initialization request, you’ll get the current sort config, then modify it to the […]

Posting Data to the Creatio OData REST API from PowerShell

Creatio’s OData REST API is easy to use. However, it is typically a multi-step process to first login, then do your actual request. Also, there are items from the login request that must be added to subsequent requests (cookies and adding the BPMCSRF cookie value returned from the login to a BPMCSRF header). This article […]

Embedding an IFRAME on a Creatio Freedom UI Page

In a previous article I outlined how to embed an IFRAME on a Classic Creatio page. This article will outline how to do this for a Freedom UI page. We'll accomplish this by creating a simple Freedom UI component, and then adding the component to the page. We'll be able to use a static URL for the IFRAME source or bind the source to a property on the page.

Getting Resource Strings in Code on a Creatio Freedom UI Page

There are many cases where you need to get a localizable resource string in code on a Freedom UI page. For example, displaying prompts to the user. This is a simple thing, however, this article should clear uo any doubts of how to retrieve them in page requests. In this scenario, I have a resource […]

Navigating a User Back From a Creatio Freedom UI Page

There are some scenarios where you want to prevent a user from proceeding to a page and instead force them to go back to where they started. It could be scenarios where they need to complete other things first, or maybe they don’t have a specified permission to proceed to a given page. You can […]

Running and Downloading a Printable via Javascript in Creatio

To run/create a printable in Creatio via client-side Javascript on a page, there’s an easy to use web service. We can also use the ServiceHelper module to make it easy to create the printable document as well. To run a printable and download the doc via code, first add the ServiceHelper module to the modules […]

Returning an HTML Page from a Creatio Configuration Service

A Creatio configuration service is a WCF service that is typically used to create web services that consume and provide JSON. However, it is possible to also change the content type of the data returned to other types. This article will look at creating a configuration service that returns a HTML page that can be […]

Adding to a List from a Lookup on a Freedom UI Page

In my previous article I outlined how to invoke a lookup dialog on a Freedom UI page. In this article, we’ll expand on that idea to allow adding to a list from a lookup. For this sample, we have a list on the account page of products owned by the account. We’ll add a button […]

Invoking a Multi-Select Lookup Dialog on a Creatio Freedom UI Page

Creatio 8.1 introduces two new features when it comes to lookups and lists. First, is the addition of a Lookup dialog (instead of the drop-down type lookup that has been the only option for lookups previously for Freedom UI). Second, is the ability to multi-select from lists, which includes the list on the new Lookup […]