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Adding Color to Column Values in Creatio Freedom UI Lists

In Freedom UI list pages there is now no-code support for adding color to column values. Previously, you could do this with code and add CSS to the list rows or use our Section Case Colors add-on (which still works for classic sections & details). However, now in Freedom UI lists, this has built in […]

Validating Multiple Asynchronous Results in Creatio

In a previous article I showed how to asynchronously validate a result when saving a page in Creatio. This is needed when validating something when a page is saved and the validation requires an asynchronous function, such as an EntitySchemaQuery. At the end of that article, I mentioned how you would go about doing this […]

Testing Creatio DevKit SDK Functions in Dev Tools Browser Console

One thing that I’ve always like doing to test things, specifically EntitySchemaQuery tests, was to simply test things out in the browser console. You could easily create an EntitySchemaQuery and test it without needing to go add it to a page, refresh, etc. Plus, it makes it easy to look at some data to troubleshoot […]

Navigating to a Page via Code in a Creatio Freedom UI Page

To programmatically navigate to a page from a Creatio Freedom UI Page you’ll use the HandlerChainService. This new module is the new DevKit SDK equivalent to using openCardInChain in classic pages, as I showed in a previous article. To use this devkit, you’ll need to add “@creatio-devkit/common” to the modules list of your page. This will […]

Check User Operation Permissions on a Creatio Freedom UI Page

To access Operation permissions for a user in a Creatio Freedom UI page, there is a simple, built-in module you can use that is available in the new Creatio DevKit SDK that can be used in Freedom UI pages. To use this devkit, you’ll need to add “@creatio-devkit/common” to the modules list of your page. This […]

Turn Off Javascript Code Warnings in the Client Schema Editor When Working with Creatio Freedom UI Pages

If you’re working with code in Creatio Freedom UI pages and using request handlers with arrow functions, async/await, etc, you’re likely seeing Javascript warnings in the code editor. What I am referring to is the following: By default, the editor is validating for a version of Javascript that doesn’t support things like async functions, await, […]

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