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Marketing solutions for Infor CRM – Cost comparison

The 2 leading solutions for adding digital marketing to Infor CRM are Inbox Guru and Creatio marketing from Customer FX.  Both of these solutions are tightly integrated with Infor CRM both LAN and Web however, the way the services are priced is very different* Here are some examples of how the price of the 2 […]

Creatio Marketing integration for Infor CRM

Creatio marketing is a best-of-breed, low-cost, digital marketing solution and we have the integration to Infor CRM available at no cost to our Infor customers.  Until now, Infor CRM customers had to purchase a third-party integration solution or pay for a costly custom development project to integrate Infor CRM and their marketing software.  This solution […]

Infor CRM – What’s New in the current and past releases

Infor CRM SLX releases contain the following cumulative updates: Version 9.2 Allows for additional administrative tasks to be done in the web client and does not require RDP access to the server. Perform ERP price and availability lookups for Opportunities and Quotes for Accounts that have not yet been promoted to ERP. Completely new Speed […]

Creatio Announces Strong Growth in 2022 Driven by Rapid Adoption of its Composable No-code Platform

Creatio, a global vendor of one platform to automate workflows and CRM with no-code and a maximum degree of freedom, today shares its annual achievements and milestones. Growth in 2022 was fueled by accelerated new customer acquisition and expansion of existing relationships. It was possible thanks to continuous investment into platform innovations and active participation […]

Infor CRM – How to disable the Sync Server and license

We see a lot of customers’ Infor CRM systems with the sync server running even though they no longer or never used remote databases.  This consumes server resources and may generate unwanted sync files.  Here is how to disable all of that Description: This guide provides instructions on how to remove a sync server license. […]

Infor CRM Mobile 4.3 is now available

Changes in Mobile 4.3 Removed lead/account validator when inserting notes/history Added all available options to configuration/development.js and configuration/production.js Options are commented out by default, allowing the user to simply un-comment and save Allow attachments to “save as..” when over Chrome’s data URI limit Fix language/region dropdowns loading from the same source Allows for adding regions […]

Infor CRM 9.0 – Web Client: Refreshed User Interface

The Infor CRM 9.0 release includes some significant UI improvements for the web client Information is emphasized Editable information is bold black text Read-only information is in black text Labels are now a lighter gray and positioned above fields allowing for fields to be positioned horizontally. A new contact card that: Highlights the most important […]

Installing or Upgrading to Infor CRM 9.0 – Important Information

Important information about the 9.0 Install/Upgrade – There is no v9.0 database. Use the provided 8.5 database for a new install You will need to run the conversion utility There are no project backups, instead apply these bundles: ICRM SLX v9.0 Web ICRM SLX v9.0 Web – For instructions, please reference the following: […]

Infor CRM – Application Architect Merge Utility

Infor CRM includes a new tool called the Application Architect Merge Utility Where do I find it? Tools menu, “Manage Customizations” When do I use this? After an upgrade of CRM Why do I use it / what does it do for me? Will show you which of your custom core forms have been updated […]

Infor CRM 9.0 is now available

Infor released 9.0 today which is a bundle that can be applied to any 8.5 or above system. 9.0 Features Updated UI List View KPIs Colors and Themes Account and Contact Images New Dashboard Widgets: Group List and Bubble Chart Email Attachments Phone/Email Lookup changes Ability to Merge Contacts in the Account Contacts Tab New […]