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Infor CRM 8.3 update 02 has been released

Infor posted update 02 for Infor CRM version 8.3 today.  It includes the SNC, Core and Model updates for the web version. In looking through the update documentation, this is primarily bug fixes rather then adding new features. The updates are now available on the Infor Xtreme portal.

Infor CRM is #1 on SelectHub Leaderboard

Let the “we’re #1 chants begin”! We are very excited with the news that Infor CRM has been placed #1 on the SelectHub Leaderboard, a representation of leading CRM software vendors. SelectHub’s Leaderboard is formulated through a careful review of a collection of resources. The leaderboard includes a combination of in-house vendor research conducted by […]

Infor CRM – New Bundle Action Types

The Application Architect has several new bundle action types – Insert Records, Add Secured Action(s), and Add Role(s).  The Insert Records screen allows you to choose records from every table in the database and includes all fields in that table. Also added is the ability to save a bundle as a folder.

Infor CRM – New Dynamic PickList Items

When managing PickList items in the web client, you can now add a filter word.  The filter word can then be dynamically queried so that your users only see the items in the PickList matching the filter word.  For example, your US based users only see PickList items with the USA filter word and the […]

Infor CRM Sync for Exchange(beta) first look

I’ve been testing the all new integration solution for Infor CRM and Microsoft Exchange. This new software is very different than the previous server-side solution called ExchangeLink. The new integration solution is powered by web services rather than using a database type connection like ExchangeLink uses. This is significant because it can work...

Infor CRM Mobile 3.3.1 is now available!

Infor Mobile 3.3.1 is now available for download from the Infor Xtreme portal! The main features in this release are embodied in the translations of the features added in the Mobile 3.3 release. In other words, Mobile 3.3 is now ready in French, Russian, German, Italian and Chinese! There were also a number of fixes incorporated into this release […]

Infor CRM 8.2 is now available for download

Infor has released it’s newest software, Infor CRM 8.2 which is now available for download on the Xtreme Portal.  It can be found under the Downloads/Products section.  It is a 7gb iso file so plan on a long download cycle. Infor CRM 8.2 includes enhanced filters, group management tools, innovative self-service features, language selector, and […]

Infor Mobile 3.3 for 8.x now available

Infor Mobile (formerly Saleslogix mobile) 3.3 for 8.x is now available for download from the Infor Xtreme portal. This release contains the following enhancements: Quick Actions: New Configure icon allows you to change the visibility and order of items in the Quick Actions pane. Activities: New field caching feature allows you to add an activity […]

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