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6 Easy Steps to Create a Word Printable Report in Creatio

1) Create new MS Word Report in Report setup area in Creatio First you’re going to open up the report setup area which you’ll find by clicking the gear in the top right corner and then click on Report setup. Then you’ll click new report and then choose MS Word. 2) Set up Report properties […]

Installing The Microsoft Word Plug-in for Creatio Printables

Printables are a very useful add on to have in your Creatio system and are very easy to create to make easy Word-based documents with merge fields. In order to create printables, you need to install the Word plug-in from Creatio. This will add functionality in Word that will let you open a printable template […]

How to Add a Custom Section to the Creatio Customer Portal

Creatio has three different portals. The self-service portal is for cases and knowledge base only. If you’re using the Customer portal or Partner portal you can add a custom section. In this article I will be showing you how to add a custom section to your portal in just a few steps. First thing you’re […]

Using the Change Log for Creatio Marketplace Addon

The Change Log for Creatio addon in the Creatio Marketplace allows you to set up logging for columns of any object in Creatio and view the change log on the record it was for. This works a little differently than the out of the box logging since it will display on a tab on the […]

Using Landing Pages With Creatio

With landing pages in Creatio you can add a form to your website that will add data to Creatio. All you need to know is how to create a HTML form for your website it does all of the work to add the data to Creatio for you. In this article I will show you […]

Emailing a List of Multiple Records from a Process in Creatio

It’s easy to make a table of multiple records in a process for your emails. In this article I will show you how to make a table with a process by looping and using HTML. You can check out my other article about looping for a reference here. This article’s example we will be creating […]

How to Manually Create a New Lookup in Creatio

In this article I will be showing you how to create your own lookup from scratch. If you’re using the wizard to create a page it’s easy to let it just create the lookup for you but sometimes you need to just create a lookup on it’s own. I will show you the steps on […]

Must Have Marketplace Addons for Every Creatio System

In Creatio having addons in your system really helps out a bunch and can be used for so many different tasks. The marketplace is full of helpful addons, weather it’s something to just help you organize your system or something to help you with your work, there’s a huge variety on what you can find. […]