Binding Fields on a Form in SalesLogix

Question: In SalesLogix I have added a datagrid to an Account level tab and set the
BIND ID as accountid.  A new form was created and set as the
EditView.  I also set SQL on the datagrid to return all records from a
new table with the same accountid as the current account.  I’m getting
stuck because I’m not sure how to bind fields on the EditView form to
the record.  I attempted to manually script by adding to the datagrid but
when the EditView form closes an extra row is added.  How can I bind
fields on the form to the proper fields in the database?

Answer: It’s not necessary to manually script inserting of your data on the
edit view.  As long as the fields of the edit view  are bound to the
table all you need to do is add a ‘Close’ or ‘OK’ button on the form that
sets a modal result of mrOK and the bound fields will be saved. 

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