Can I Add Two Datagrids to One Data Form in SalesLogix v6.2.4?

Question: I am running SalesLogix v6.2.4, and for Contacts I have a tab in with a editable datagrid.  On the data form, I want to add a second editable datagrid. Is this possible?

Answer: You cannot create a manage form hierarchy in the way that you have described – the manage form works only to a depth of one.

To achieve what you described you will need to create a script. You should try disabling the standard Add/Edit/Delete functions on your datagrid and create the same options on a popup menu. Then, in code, you need to trap which of the popup menu items were selected and fire off whatever SQL is required. You may also want to write some code to enable/disable the menu items based on whether records exist or not.

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