Beta Projects

Peek inside the Customer FX labs for our latest alpha and beta projects. Looking through the smoke from our overused keyboards and the propeller heads, you’ll see new great things we’re busy cranking away at. We’re geeks and proud of it. Contact us to inquire about any of the lab projects.

SalesLogix License Updater

SalesLogix License Updater is a utility that assists business partners to update multiple SalesLogix databases that contain evaluation licenses. SalesLogix periodically publishes evaluation license unlock keys that are only good for a period of a few months. As a SalesLogix business partner, we often have many SalesLogix databases on our network utilizing these evaluation licenses - Once the evaluation key expires you have to log into each datab...

SalesLogix Group Explorer

The SalesLogix Group Explorer is a utility to explore your SalesLogix group definitions (layouts, included columns, conditions, sort orders, etc), group SQL queries, and group data, all from outside of SalesLogix. Group Explorer also provides the ability to quickly export your group data to CSV or XML (exporting 100,000 of rows in a fraction of a single second).


SQLBrowser is a utility that will help you manage multiple SalesLogix databases. As a SalesLogix business partner, we can have hundreds of SalesLogix databases on our network at any given moment. With SQLBrowser you just log onto a SQL Server instance on the network and you'll see which SalesLogix databases are hosted there, what version of SalesLogix they are for, which SalesLogix server they are hosted on, and when they were created.

LinkedIn2CRM for Sage SalesLogix

Your sales team lives and breathes inside of SalesLogix, working with customers, opportunities, leads, etc. LinkedIn2CRM joins the power of networking and building relationships of LinkedIn with your SalesLogix accounts, contacts, opportunities, and leads. Take advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer, now completely integrated into the SalesLogix Web client and LAN client.


Manage a centrally located and shared list of available remote servers and desktops. Quickly see server availability and connect remotely. This is the tool you can't live without (we can't either).


Customizing SalesLogix Forms? Take a Look. A Deep Look. Have you ever needed to customize a form but you didn’t know what the form’s name was? That is what this utility will solve. SalesLogixSpy is an application that runs as a process in the background of your desktop. While SalesLogix is open it draws an […]

MarketWatch for SageCRM

Watching the Market Landscape using RSS Syndication Subscribe. Share. Learn. Succeed. What is MarketWatch? MarketWatch is an addon for SageCRM that allows you to set up a master RSS feed list for your organization that brings the best in syndicated content and allows your SageCRM users to watch the market landscape and stay in touch […]

RSS2Database Windows Service

The RSS2Database Windows Service consumes RSS feeds and loads them into a SQL database. The RSS2Database libraries can also be used to read RSS feeds and with RSS feed posts as strongly typed business objects.

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