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Using a Test Plan

So you have approved the Statement of Work (SOW) for some modifications and are awaiting the delivery of the bundles from Customer FX. The next item you should be working on is a solid test plan. There are several ways to create a test plan and my intent is not to guide you onto any […]

What Do We Do With Those Backup Database Files?

When working with the team at Customer FX, more often than not we are going to ask for a current back copy of your production system and I hope this blog will help you understand why. Using a recent version of the database lowers the risk of Customer FX overwriting any customizations that you have […]

SalesLogix Web Form Designer

New to the Sage SalesLogix v8.0 Web Client is the Web Form Designer. This tool will allow a user, with a proper role assignment, the ability to modify main entity forms in the the web client using existing database fields. Here is a quick introduction to the tool from Customer FX. For this demo I […]

Working with the Picture Object in Crystal

We have had several inquires lately on how to dynamically change images in a report based on report data.   For example you have pictures of products that you want to display in a report.  One way to accomplish this is to add an image with each product in a huge segmented report and have Crystal sort things out through suppression rules.  This […]

Setting custom date ranges in Crystal

Recently, I had to develop a report which was to return data within a particular date range. Specifically, a user would need to select a date and the report would then return data from a range of Monday of the previous week to Friday of the current week. I was able to accomplish this fairly easily using Global and Local variables and a couple of different date functions.

Leveling out Users Data.

I am four posts into building a drill down report using Sage SalesLogix Visual Analyzer and Dashboard as a my guide.  This series of post starts with a post labeled “Updating the Managed Quota Area for Sage SalesLogix” , if you follow the links on each post you will eventually end up back on this post. In the last […]

Writing the User – Quota vs Actual Crystal Report.

Over the last three posts we have updated the Quota’s are of Sage SalesLogix, we have built SQL views to collect both the Quota data and the Actual Numbers for comparison.  Now we will start writing our report.  I am not going into to much detail on layout.  My goal is to walk you through the common steps: connecting to the […]

Crystal Connection through the SalesLogix OLE DB Provider

The first step in creating a report in Business Object Crystal Reports is always the connection to the database.  In a post labeled “Report Database Connections”, I discuss one method of making a connection to a SQL database.  That post will lead you through how to make the connection using the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server using the […]

Gathering the Actual Numbers for Reporting Comparison

I have just started writing a series of posts that will lead the reader of this blog through the creation of a report with the same kind of data break down as you see in the standard Sage SalesLogix Visual Analyzer and the Sage SalesLogix Dash Board.  In the first week I provided a method to effectively establishing quotas […]

Gathering User Quotas for Reporting

If you read last weeks post, you will know I am setting up to build a user based report that will give the reader a lot of the same data you see in the standard Sage SalesLogix Visual Analyzer and the Sage SalesLogix Dash Board.  Last week I provided you the ability to effectively set goals for your users by […]

Updating the Managed Quota Area for Sage SalesLogix

Often, when discussing reporting issues with clients I will bring up the Quota’s area of Sage SalesLogix.  If you do not know where this functionality is located, go to your Tools/Manage/Quota menu and the following screen will appear. On the upper pane you find a place to list the users you want to set a quota […]

Looking at Stonefield Query for Sage SalesLogix

Since reporting is one of my interests I always tend to take notice when I hear of a reporting tool.  A few weeks ago Scott Weber, Customer FX’s own CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant, introduced a product to me called Stonefield Query.  It was a ten minute demo but I was pretty impressed by what I saw.  I thought I would […]

Running a SQL Update Statement from Saleslogix Web

I am working for a client who would like a button to set all of the records in a table to either “Valid” or “” (blank).  This then allows them to build groups on what records needs to be updated.  I started my adventure by reading Kris Halsrud’s post Retrieving the Manager in SalesLogix 7.5 Web .   The solution Kris […]

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