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InforCRM (formerly Saleslogix) Mobile – Clearing Out Earlier Customizations

If you started with an earlier version of SalesLogix Mobile, let's say version 7.5.4, and customized the mobile platform at level 1.2 you may find the mobile client no longer runs and the existing custom screens don't allow you to upgrade to version 3.0.4. You have two options here - have someone recreate the custom screens for version 3.0.4 or remove the customized screens and start over with a basic mobile v3.0.4.

InforCRM (formerly SalesLogix) Web Issues with McAfee VSE 8.8 Patch 4

We have see an issue with SalesLogix v8.0 and v8.1 web clients where randomly all users are bounced due to an IIS service Issue. After looking into the SalesLogix logs we found the "authentication token is invalid" error repeatedly. While this error usually is indicative of a bad logon attempt in this case it was a by product of the IIS service dropping. At this time McAfee does not have a hot fix so SalesLogix Web admins should run the...

ComboFix Kills Saleslogix Sync

ComboFix, a third party malware utility, will alter the Operating system so .qts and .que files will no longer process and complete the sync cycle. To check for ComboFix look for the following dir "C:QooBox". Once it is determined ComboFix was run on this workstation here are the steps you will need to take. 1. Backup the registry. 2. Open Registry Editor. 3. Find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemControlSet001ControlFileSystem and in the righ...

SalesLogix 8.1 Job Service Scheduling Executions Error Resolution

Often times a web implementation will have an application server that is used to deploy the web portals to a web host server. When the Saleslogix web client and SData portals are deployed and then tested an Internal Server Error is encountered on the URL, similar to the following: Http://Webserver:3333/slxclient/slxdata.ashx/$app/scheduling/-/executions?

Resolving 500 Errors in SalesLogix Web 8.1

If you see an error like this "The following SData diagnosis occurred: Description=Operation failed. Message=Could not load type 'Sage.Entity.Interfaces.ICollection`1' from assembly 'Sage.Entity.Interfaces'. HTTP status: Internal Server Error (500)." in the web client when opening an entity the issue could be a corrupted group.

Diagnosing Sdata 500 Errors In Saleslogix Web 8.0

We had a user looking up an opportunity by description so they could attach an email to the Opportunity. This brought the SData feature of SalesLogix into play since it is used by the SLXDesktop integration. However the Opportunity Lookup returned SData 500 error Internal Server Error.

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