Changing Home Phone to Other Phone in the SalesLogix Insert Contact/Account Section

Question: I would like to make a few changes under the Insert Contact/Account section of SalesLogix and the first thing I’m trying to do is change Home Phone to Other Phone.  To do, so I went to Portal Manager -> SageSalesLogix -> Insert Contact/Account and then went to edit the InsertContact.ascx SmartPart.

I attempted to duplicate this with the word “Other” as follows:
Label ID=”phnContactHomePhone_lz” AssociatedControlID=”phnContactHomePhone” Text=”<%$ resources: phnContactHomePhone.Caption %>”
SalesLogix:Phone runat=”server” ID=”phnContactHomePhone”

Next, I added BindingSource.Bindings.Add(new WebEntityBinding(“OtherPhone”, phnContactOtherPhone, “Text”));

I’m not sure where the $ resources: phnContactHomePhone.Caption comes from.  I’m receiving the erorr message ‘The resource object with key ‘phnContactOtherPhone.Caption’ was not found.   Is there a better way to edit this entity form?

Answer: From the looks of it, you copied an existing control, then pasted it in and did a replacement which means you now have a non-existent reference for a Resource string.  You should either remove the reference and put in your Text value, or edit the associated Resource file and add an entry for phnContactOtherPhone.Caption.  You can find the matching file located on the subfolder called: App_LocalResources.  This will have a matching name for your form, an example is AccountAssets.ascx will have a matching resource file called AccountAssets.ascx.resx.

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