Changing Remote Users’ SA Password for SalesLogix

Pre-SalesLogix 7.5 Remote Client workstations were loaded with SQL Express with a SA password of SLXMaster.  Under 7.5 the SA password has been changed to SLXMa$t3r.  When upgrading to version 7.5 the AttachRemote may not work without manually entering the new SA password.  To avoid this issue, use the below procedure to change the password to SLXMa$t3r.  This procedure will make all remote databases, old and new, use the same password and users will not need to change the SA password on new database installations.

In the Administrator from the Tools | Options menu click the Database tab.  Select the “Sync Global remote SA Password for existing databases” check box to send a new password to a remote database thorough Synchronizations.  This check box is only available to users who have logged on as the Administrator.  In the “Current Remote SA Password: box, type the SA password to be replaced.  If the password in the Current Remote SA Password box matches the password on the remote’s MSDE instance, the password on the remote instance is replaced with the password in the New Remote SA Password box.  (In a pre-7.5 SalesLogix 7.x system, the default SA setting was SLXMaster.)  In the ‘New Remote SA Password” box, type the new SA password.

The new password is sent to remotes during the next synchronization cycle.


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