Clear User Settings in Infor CRM LAN client (formerly SalesLogix)


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In the past we have posted occasionally on how to clear user settings in the CRM web client (formerly SalesLogix), most recently here.  Although it doesn’t happen as often, it will sometimes be necessary to clear the user settings in the LAN client.  Unlike with the web client, these settings are stored in the database, so they way to clear them is to delete them directly from SQL.  Be sure the user is logged out of CRM when you do this.

In order to clear a user’s settings, you need to know their user ID.  If you know their username in CRM, you can use the query to find it:

select USERID from sysdba.USERINFO where USERNAME = ‘CRM user name’


You will need that USERID for the next query.  In older versions for CRM (8.3.05 and earlier), you can user the query:

delete from sysdba.USEROPTIONS where USERID = ‘CRM user id’


In Infor CRM versions 8.3.06 and later, you need to use the following query to exclude some lines from deletion:

delete from sysdba.USEROPTIONS where USERID = ‘CRM user id’ and not NAME = ‘SETTINGS’

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