Command-line Installation of Infor CRM Xbar

When Xbar is installed by running the executable (always choose Run as Admin when installing CRM products), it installs for the current user, with all options on. The install executable was designed assuming it would run by the individual users. It is possible, however, to install it from the command line. This would enable it to be scripted, for example, and makes quite a number of switches available. When installing from the command line, make sure the command prompt is running as administrator. You will also need to point the path to wherever the install executable is located.

The basic command to install is: “Infor CRM Xbar Setup.exe” (quotes required, as there are spaces in the file name.)

There are several switches available. -silent will suppress any pop-ups the user might see. The documentation implies -quiet might work as well. -uninstall has it uninstall, instead of installing.

You can install in per-machine mode with ALLUSERS=1. In this case, you might also want to specify the location to the shared Xbar directory with TARGETDIR=”C:\Xbar”. Or whatever path you choose. (quotes required for the directory path.)

See next week’s blog post for even more command-line switches for Xbar install.

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