Considerations when Making Infor CRM SLX Client Site Available on the Public Internet

In my last post, I discussed different ways in which it is possible to configure Infor CRM SLX to be accessible to a remote computer using VPN. Today, I will take a look at some of the items to consider when publishing your CRM client site directly on the internet. Doing so would allow users anywhere with a web browser and access to the internet to connect to your client site. However, exposing your client site this way comes with some very real security risks that you would need to take into consideration. Compared to many of my posts, this one will be more of an overview, and a bit light on specifics. I am not an expert in web security, and there are many more factors to consider than I am able to address here. If you are actually planning make your Infor CRM SLX web client available this way, I strongly encourage you to work with folks who know how to safely publish a public website; people at your company if you are lucky enough to have them, or a competent third-party provider otherwise.

IIS Site Binding

The Infor CRM SLX web client is published through IIS, and can be accessed by any common web browser that can reach its published site. Chrome and Edge are the current supported browsers, but other browsers I have tested also seem to mostly work. To make the web client available internally, all that needs to be done is publish it on an internal server, and point users’ browsers at the address you have given to the intranet site.  Having the site be internal-only is the default assumption, and is the situation most of my posts assume. If you are instead publishing your Infor CRM SLX web client to the public internet, there are serious security issues to consider. For one, you will need to make sure the login to CRM is reasonably secure.  Also, you will need to make sure that the way users are directed to you CRM web client’s IIS server does not open security risks to you network as a whole.

HTTPS Firewall Rule

Assuming your network is using a firewall, the public web traffic for your Infor CRM SLX client will be directed to this firewall. You will need to configure the firewall such that this traffic is then directed to the web server hosting the client site. The most secure way to do this is by setting up a DMZ, segment of your local network that is behind the exterior firewall, but separated from the rest of the network by a second, interior firewall. This makes it so that no web traffic is ever directed to your interior network, which would be a security risk. It might take some tweaking of the interior firewall setting to allow the Infor CRM SLX client site to be published through it to the web server. Also, since the client site will be publicly available, it would be advisable to require that all the users have strong passwords that are changed on some schedule.

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