Create an Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Report to Filter by Date

When creating a report in Infor CRM (Saleslogix) that filters based on date, the options can be a bit tricky.  This walkthrough of creating a report using the Infor CRM web client should help you set up the correct conditions so your report contains only the entries you want.

In the Infor CRM web client, click Reports on the Navigation Bar (left side of screen). Right click the report you want to run, and select Run Report.

Infor CRM Run Report


The Select Records window should open.  To filter by date, click the dropdown and select Specific Conditions.  Then select Any or All for Match the following conditions.  (Any will find results that match any of the conditions you select, All will only return results that match every condition you select.)

Infor CRM Select Records

Click the plus sign to add a condition.  Since this post is concerned with filtering by date, you will want to choose either Date Range or Query in the Match By field. Selecting Date Range will filter the report based on the modify date (last date an item was modified).  If you need to report based on any other date, you will need to choose Query.  When you choose Query for a report, you will need to select the table and field in the SQL database you wish to query on.  This is not as bad as it sounds, as most of tables and columns in the underlying SQL database are named fairly intuitively.  For example, if I am making a report on contacts, and want to filter my report based on when the contact was created, I would set the Table as CONTACT, and the Field as CREATEDATE.  If you are doing a SQL query based on a date field, it will give a choice of looking for a specific data or range of dates.  If you are instead using Date Range to filter by date last modified, you also get choices like This Week, or Last Month.  After clicking OK to save the condition, you can use the plus sign to add additional conditions.

Infor CRM Reports Add Edit Condition

Once you have all the conditions set, you can click next.

Infor CRM Select Records Condition Values Next

The final screen lets you pick the file format for the report it will generate.  Select the type of file you want, and click Finish.

Infor CRM Report Export Options

Once the report has finished running (some reports can take a while), it will show a link to the report.  You can click on the link to open the report.

Infor CRM Report Export Complete

If you accidentally close the window, or want to go back to report you ran previously, click the History link near the top of the Reports page.  It will display a list of all the reports it has run recently, and you can open the report from there.

Infor CRM Report History Tab

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