Creating a Business Rule to Check Validation Events in SalesLogix v7.2.2

Question: Within our SalesLogix v7.2.2 Web Portal we have a couple validation
rules – no blank description, must have a related object linked – when
submitting a form.  I have created a validation business rule and if it
fails a message is returned, if it is successful it will launch a second
validation that returns a message if it fails, or saves the record if
it is successful.

Using this scenario I would like to make it so that the business
rule checks both/all validation events, and after checking will return a
message to the Show Message event with the correct failure message. 
How might I accomplish this?

Answer: Use a C# code snippet action instead of using a ValidationRule
action.  This way you can just call the validation rules in code and
display your message yourself.  Try something like this: 

if (myentity.Rule1() && myentity.Rule2())
    DialogService.ShowMessage(“The validation rules did not pass. Tell the user something here”);


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