Creating a Detail (One-to-Many List) and Adding it to a Page in Creatio (formerly bpm’online)

This article will show you how to create a detail in Creatio. A detail is a one-to-many list of data connected to a record, you can see examples of this in Creatio with the address list on a contact. A detail can also be a list of records in another section, for example a list of opportunities related to an account. This article will focus on creating a brand new detail. There are basically three main steps:

  1. Creating the object
  2. Using the detail wizard
  3. Adding it to a page

Creating the Object

The first thing we’ll need to do is create an object (this creates the database table). To do this, you should head over to the Advanced settings. To get here, click the gear on the right, then look for Advanced settings at the bottom of the page. When the Advanced settings page loads click on the configuration tab. After that you will click the Add button and then select Object.

Give the object a name and title, this is the name of your one-to-many detail. Make sure you select “Base object” as the parent object, this is important.

You need to add a lookup to the section you’ll be adding this detail to.

You’ll use this lookup to connect this detail to the section you’ll be displaying it in. For example if the detail is for the contact section you’ll need to lookup contact.

You can add more fields here but we will do that in the detail wizard next.

Using the Detail Wizard

Now that you have your object, you can use the Detail Wizard. The Detail Wizard will register the object as a detail and let you create the actual page for it. When you get to the Detail Wizard search for the object you just created and give it a title.

Now click the page tab and set up the fields you want on the detail.

Adding the Detail to a Page

The final step is to go to the section the detail is for and go to the view tab and choose “Open section wizard”, this allows you to edit your section and add the detail.

Once you’ve done that click “Edit Page” and either make a new tab or choose an existing one. Then click “New Detail” add your detail and give it a caption. Make sure detail column is the section you are putting the detail in and object column is “Id”.

When you return to the page click the three dot icon and choose “Column setup” to choose what fields are displayed.

These are the steps in making a detail, after a couple times doing these steps they’ll be easier to remember.

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