Creatio 7.18.4 release notes

As part of their ongoing update program, Creatio has just released version 7.18.4

Highlights in this release include:

Duplicate search
You can now learn about possible duplicates directly on the record page. Use the new widget to view and merge the duplicates of the corresponding record without running the duplicate search for the entire section. The widget is available in [ Contacts ] and [ Accounts ] sections if they have active duplicate search rules and you set up global duplicate search. The functionality is available for beta testing in Creatio version 7.18.4. Contact Creatio support to receive early access to new duplicate search features. We appreciate your feedback. The functionality will become available publicly in the upcoming Creatio releases.

Exchange calendars synchronization
Attention. This functionality is available for beta testing in Creatio version 7.18.4. Contact Creatio support to receive early access to new calendar features. We appreciate your feedback.

The new feature will become available publicly in the upcoming Creatio releases.

The mechanism of Exchange calendars synchronization was updated:

Creatio uploads and displays meetings in real time without requiring you to reload the page.
You can now send meeting invitations in Creatio from the activity page and view the responses on the [ Participants ] detail.
After you send the invitations, only the owner will retain the permission to edit the meeting.
If the meeting details change (for example, time, place, description, participant list), Creatio will send out updated invitations automatically.
If the participants do not respond to invitations, you can resend the invitations from the meeting page in a single click.

Permission setup
It is now possible to set up permissions to export the section list for individual objects. For example, permit the sales department employees to export invoices but not the customer base. You can grant export permissions to both individual users and user roles. Set up permissions in the [ Object permissions ] section.

Dynamic cases and tasks on the action panel now load 10 times faster.
It is now possible to improve Creatio page loading time by forwarding dashboard and dynamic folder SELECT queries to a database replica. Modify the Creatio web configuration and set up the database replica connection in the ConnectionStrings.config file to enable this functionality. At the moment you can forward queries to a single replica per master database.

Source code generation
Creatio now generates the source code for all schemas in the background. This operation does not affect the Creatio user workflow but precludes other types of source code generation, as well as compilation. If you attempt to run these actions, Creatio will warn you that the source code generation is in progress. We also do not recommend working on functionality that requires Creatio compilation (for example, installing applications and extensions, configuring the UI and business logic) while the operation is in progress. Once it finishes, Creatio will display the corresponding notification in the communication panel.


Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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