I use this whenever I get an email in Creatio from a new Contact or a Contact with incomplete data. When an email shows up in your inbox and you see the little orange cloud-shaped icon, this is an indicator that it found new/missing data or there is a contact in the email string that is not yet a Contact in Creatio.  Once you click the orange icon, a screen pops up that you can take action on such as selecting which data to update and/or create a new Contact for anyone included in the message thread.  Creatio intelligently analyses the email and breaks apart the signatures into specific fields.

The incoming emails are checked for enrichment data upon downloading. Creatio analyzes the data in individual emails and email threads (enriching profile data of all thread participants). The signatures of incoming email messages are compared with the contact records in the system. If enrichment data are found, the btn_contact_data_enrichment.png button appears next to the message header in the email message area of the communication panel.

To enrich a contact profile:

1.Click the btn_contact_data_enrichment00001.png button.

2.A menu with a list of all contacts to create or update records will be displayed. Select the [Enrich “contact name”] action


Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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