Custom Security Profiles and the ICRM 8.4 Upgrade

The Infor v8.4 Action Items bundle inserts a number of new Security profiles into the SECPROFILES table.  Unfortunately, in doing so it also clears all the old profiles, which is an issue if you have custom security profiles that you use in your system.  The good news is that they don’t make any effort to clean out any SECRIGHTS records with orphaned ProfileIDs, so the issue can be resolved by adding the custom profiles back into the system; as long as they keep their original ID values.  A simpler way to deal with it would be to simply delete the standard profile records before installing the 8.4 Action items bundle, and then turn off the option to Remove existing records when installing the manifest into Application Architect.

So, if you are using custom security profiles and you want to keep them after an upgrade to 8.4, I would follow these steps:

  1. Delete all standard security profiles from the system (delete from sysdba.secprofile where profileid in (‘PROF00000001′,’PROF00000002′,’PROF00000003’)
  2. When installing the Infor v8.4 Action Items bundle in Application Architect, make sure to deselect the “Remove Existing Records” option on the Action item,  “Insert Records into SECPROFILE”.

That should do it.  The standard  profiles will be re-created, along with the new profiles included by Infor, while also leaving any custom profiles in place.


Thanks for reading!


Jason Buss

Jason is a senior application developer with Customer FX.

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