Customizations in SalesLogix LAN Client vs SalesLogix Web Client

This week a customer asked me whether there new LAN Customizations would automatically be a part of the Web Client.

Currently SalesLogix does not have a way to create a customization once and deploy it to both versions of the client. Any customizations that are done for the LAN Client would need to be put into the Web Client also. This is a totally different interface and the programming basically needs to be done again. This is something your customers should keep in mind as they continue to customize their LAN client, if they plan on moving to the Web Client in the near future.

This should not stop you from customizing, it should just be kept in the back of your mind, when you choose customizations. Plan a little more carefully, so that you know what needs to be carried over to the Web Client and what does not. Many customers may choose to remain on the LAN client, and in that case, this does not concern them.

Customizing your system is an ongoing process that needs to be planned and implemented with careful consideration. Plan twice and cut once……How does that saying go???? 🙂

Have a great afternoon,

Dale Richter


Dale Richter

Director of Training- I have worked with Customer FX since 1997

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