‘Data Dictionary Cannot be Initialized’ Error Message When Trying to Run the SalesLogix v7.5 Dev Server with IIS

Question:  I have recently downloaded and installed SalesLogix v7.5 on a VPC image.  I also installed, built, and deployed the SLXclient portal.  When I open and run the site in VS I can login with no problem.  The issue comes when I run with IIS, then I receive the error message ‘Data Dictionary Cannot be Initialized’.  I can’t fully configure the WebDll user because the image is locked.  How can I correct this?
Answer:  To correct your issue do the following –
1. Go into IIS
2. Go to the application pools and choose SalesLogix
3. Go to the Identity Tab
4. Change the configurable option to the SLXService/WebDll user that was created when you did your install, or change to Network Service if it is for a demo.
You should now be able to run with IIS.

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