Deleting Ad-hoc Groups in SalesLogix

Question: In SalesLogix, when a user clicks a button I’m using the method application.BasicFuncions.CreateAdHocGroup
to create a group.  However, every time a user clicks the button
another Ad-hoc group is created.  I’m trying to delete the existing
group with SQL queries so that only one ad-hoc group is kept.  I am
deleting records from Plugin, AdHocGroup, PLUGINATTACHMENT and
SLX_PLUGINNOBLOB but the groups tabs are still being displayed in the
group’s list.  I can’t find the table that stores the groups, what am I

Answer: These are the correct tables to clear out.  SalesLogix has cached the
group names, you need to refresh the client after you run your code: 

Application.BasicFunctions.DoInvoke “Function”, “View:Refresh”


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