Did my SData portal deploy correctly?

If you are using Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix), the SData portal is the primary way other applications read data from or pass data to Infor CRM.  When trying to connect another application to SData, it might not be obvious whether SData is correctly deployed.  The address Infor recommends for checking the SData site is http://server:port/sdata/system$/adapters .  You will then get a prompt to login.  Use the CRM admin credentials.

Infor CRM Sdata portal login

If the SData site is correctly deployed, this should display a list of adapters.

Adapter feed from Infor CRM SData portal

Even if SData is set up correctly, getting this to display correctly can take some fiddling.  If you are testing directly on you web server, and have deployed to the default port of 3333, you can use the address localhost:3333/sdata/system$/adapters .  Sadly for SData testing, the current releases of most browsers often run into issues trying to display this page.  Often, they will not recognize it as an address, and will run a web search for it instead.  Depending on your browser at network, you might need the http://, or you might need to not have it.  And some browsers just refuse to display it on some networks despite anything I have tried.

If you get some sort of access error other than the security prompt, then SData is likely not set up correctly.  Sometimes the page does not display as intended, but as long as I know it is working, that is all I really need.  For example, instead of displaying list of adapters, it may display something that looks like the html code for displaying a list of adapters.

Infor CRM SData adapters feed XML

I don’t know why this happens, but it means SData is set up correctly.  Another common result is a message that the feed is too long and cannot be displayed.  This also means SData is fine.

I usually use Internet Explorer to test this.  It sometimes gives the “feed too long” error, but is seems to be the best about opening the address rather than conducting a web search.

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