Disabling the Delete Button in SalesLogix Web

Question: I would like to make sure that users of the SalesLogix Web client are not able to use the ‘delete’ button.  How can I do this?

Answer: SalesLogix Web has built-in security via roles that you can use to disable a users ability to use the ‘delete’ button.  However, you can also disable the button completely.  Here is a custom C# code snippet:

control.Enabled = false;

if (Page.User.Identity.Name.ToLower() == “name1” ||
Page.User.Identity.Name.ToLower() == “name2” ||
Page.User.Identity.Name.ToLower() == “name3”)
control.Enabled = true;

You can also get the iUser object which is the SLX user object.

Sage.SalesLogix.Security.SLXUserService userService = (Sage.SalesLogix.Security.SLXUserService)Sage.Platform.Application.ApplicationContext.Current.Services.Get();

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