Display Name of a Property in SalesLogix Programatically

Question: I’m trying to create a drop-down list with integer properties of an entity in SalesLogix.  I have done this using the .ToString() property names, but what I would like to have happen is for the list items to show the property’s Display name to the user with the value behind being the actual property name.  How can I programatically get the display name of a property?
Answer:  Properties for an entity have an EntityResourcesDisplayName attribute and the attribute will have a DisplayName value.  The attribute will allow you to read the DisplayName value that is stored in the resources for assembly, this is the right way to get the display name. 
You can also try to read the value from the resources on the Sage.Entity.Interfaces.dll.  The resource is Sage.Entity.Interfaces.EntityResources and the values are all “EntityName.Property.DisplayName”. For the AccountName property you’d look for “Account.AccountName.DisplayName”.

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